Learn how to create powerful API’s with Django 2.1 and Django Rest Framework 3 deploying on Heroku

What you’ll learn

  • You will be able to develop power Restful API’s with Django Rest Framework

Let’s do a deep diving into the Django Rest Framework with practical examples in a 100% hands on course with Python 3+, Django 2+, Django Rest Framework 3, Postman and Heroku.

We will create a full project ( Customer Base ) with all database relationships, image upload and full control on what is happening behind the scenes.

  1. Introduction
  2. Preparing the environment
  3. Creating the base of the application ( Customer base app )
  4. Setup of the Django Rest Framework
  5. Exposing an API for the Customer Endpoint
  6. Consuming this API with Google Chrome and Postman
  7. Creating the Endpoint for the all entities
  8. Personalizing the get_queryset method to provide a list of Customers with filters
  9. Override of the behaviour for the defaults HTTP verbs (Get, Post, Put, Patch, Delete )
  10. Creating custom actions
  11. Using query strings
  12. Filtering querysets with DjangoFilter backend
  13. Enabling API search
  14. Custom lookup field
  15. Improving the API security with Tokens
  16. Custom permissions per token
  17. Nested relationships
    1. OneToOne
    2. ForeignKey
    3. ManyToMany
  18. Types of Serializers
    1. Nested serializers
    2. Function fields
  19. Types of ViewSets
  20. Enabling Pagination on your API
  21. Deploy on Heroku
  22. Updating versions of the application after deploy on Heroku
Who this course is for:
  • Students interested on development of Resfull API’s

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