Learn Professional Grant Writing to Acquire Freelance Project & Earn in 6-Digits.

What you’ll learn

  • LEARN the basic principles to write grant proposals
  • RESEARCH grants sources to address personal and institutional needs.
  • REVIEW and assess grant proposals basis on specified criteria.
  • RECOGNIZE government and private funders
  • IDENTIFY and find funders to reach your organizational goals
  • BUILD your network in fundraising community
  • UNDERSTAND concerns related to grant getting, and fundraising
  • IDENTIFY appropriate funding strategies for the financial sustainability of an organization
  • ALIGN priorities of the funder
  • MEETING the expectation of the funder

To be competitive and generate revenue you need to diversify and build your skills.

This course will equip you to be a skilled grant writer and reach your goals!

Grant writing is a technical task that needs the necessary skill. Thus, learning an appropriate methodology for effective grant writing is important for its success. Successful grant writer understands the importance of planning, writing, and submitting a proposal on time.

It also gives a thorough understanding of various grant writing terms and different potential sources for writing grants. It will give an insight and make you learn how to focus on the funder, and conduct research and learn to grasp opportunities related to grant writing. This course is designed to get better at writing successful proposals, and also be proficient at the process of researching and applying for foundation and government grants.

By writing and reviewing proposals, one gains competence in writing typical grant components and we with this course help in developing that skill. The course will also offer a framework to write a good proposal. It will assist you to make use of the language that is better-written, as well as more thoughtful and strategic. It will also make you uber-efficient and assists the learner to acquire skills to reach a specific goal within the desired time frame.

By taking up this course, you will:

  • Become more skilled in writing good proposals
  • Learn to reach specific goals within time frame
  • Notice a great improvement in your writing caliber
  • Feel more confident in writing

Those who will get enrolled in the course will have then necessary tools and get prepared to apply for a number of grants. The course will also equip grant writers or freelance writers with the necessary skill who want to offer their clients a complete approach to grant writing.

This course is designed keeping in mind the current scenario and the need of the hour by the experts in the field by making use of their experience of about 10-15 years. It will not make you feel novice as it is jam-packed with all the necessary tools to make you a complete writer.

Who are we?

Henry Harvin® is a leading organization that believes improving lives through learning. Henry Harvin believes that adding competency and development of an individual paves a new path of growth for him. It believes that the evolution of personality and value creation is the root cause of success and thus, gaining skill can transform lives in a meaningful way. It has been into training, skill development, content services, and higher education for years and aims at satisfying the hunger of learning and development, personal as well as professional. They continue to innovate in products, processes, and personalities to create maximum operational efficiency and expertise.

Henry Harvin is well-equipped with trainers who have been in the industry for over a decade and believe in sharing their knowledge and helping the students to become skillful. Individuals are trained with an Advanced Learning Management System (LMS). In addition to it, the course is full of practical and real life examples and ample of recorded videos that make the course interesting and fun.

This course at Henry Harvin Education helps the individual to become skillful and become an accomplished Grant writer and have a successful and prosperous career.

At the end of this course, it will help you to:

  • Learn the basic principles to write grant proposals
  • Research grants sources to address personal and institutional needs.
  • Review and assess grant proposals basis on specified criteria.
  • Recognize government and private funders
  • Identify and find funders to reach your organizational goals
  • Understand concerns related to grant getting, and fundraising
  • Identify appropriate funding strategies for the financial sustainability of an organization
  • Align priorities of the funder
  • Meeting the funder’s expectation
  • Draft efficient proposal language that can be used for long time in coming years as a boilerplate
  • Strategically align organizational mission, program design and budget.
  • Learn to conduct internet research

The course is packed with:

  • Experience of the Trainers who are from the industry itself, to make the learning process easy
  • Loads of real examples and real language to brush up your writing skill
  • A lot of writing tips and right advice from the experts of the industry that will help you kick start your journey as a Grant writer

Words of appreciation from our Students

1. “The course is very informative and offers extensive knowledge in grant writing. I feel I can now write grant professionally after this course.” Samesh Bhattacharya

2. “The course curriculum is very helpful in learning grant writing. This course will definitely be a stepping stone in my career and will take me a long way and is definitely worth doing.” Aashi Sameer Parihar

3. “I feel more confident about myself after brushing my skills with this course. It is definitely a very good one if someone wants to go in-depth of it. It was very engaging and not at all monotonous. Just love it!” Samuel Jonathan Abraham

4. “The course and the faculty both are really great and I learned the skill to write proposals from the very core of it. It is a great course for the ones who want to go a long way in grant writing.” Zeeshan Akhtar

Who this course is for:
  • People who have no prior experience in fundraising and writing grant applications
  • Existing entrepreneurs/business owners looking to scale up their business
  • Professors / Teachers / Trainers
  • Bloggers / Content Writers
  • Housewives / Retired / Unemployed individuals
  • Non-profits who are paving their way into the fundraising
  • Professionals / Corporates
  • Students
  • Freelance writers
  • Grant writers

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