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Get best-certified training in Business Analytics with R Programming


The digitization of the modern world has forced businesses to hire professionals who are well-informed and skilled in using modern tools, and remain relevant, competitive, and ensure growth. As businesses demand smarter analytics now, a Business Analyst Course must include R Programming Language, as for today’s Analysts R is considered to be a magic wand that will, on one hand, help in handling complex and Big data, and on the other hand, assist in analyzing it productively.


This first-rate Business Analytics Certification Training with R is tailormade to help you acquire a combination of skill sets to derive actionable insights from digital data. Industry professionals having extensive experience as practitioners of business analytics with international companies have formulated this self-paced course which can be accessed at any time, from anywhere.


The curriculum of this most sought-after R course caters to the needs of all major businesses globally as it has been framed, and regularly reviewed and updated, by experts possessing 15-20 years of relevant experience. It will assist you in mastering the basics of data analysis by manipulating common data structures such as data frames, vectors, and matrices.


What is most helpful in learning all concepts of this course is the 5 real-time projects that we provide for hands-on practical experience. These give invaluable insight into various factors and helps in:


Analyzing the attrition rate of employees


Predicting department wise sales


Business analytics optimization


Website trend analysis


Stock market prediction


Analyzing ETF trends


The practice of real-life case studies, strategies, and examples through professional tools and techniques, videos, and presentation slides: all this ensures 100% success through this Business Analyst Course. This Business Analytics Training Certification with R adds value to a candidate’s CV as the highly-valued certification endorses him/her to be capable to assist organizations in maximizing the value of their data, help in unearthing insights, building plans, and also assist in responding to real-time to customer demand.


With a manifold increase in the demand for Business Analyst professionals globally, this course has turned out to be a good bet and best return on investment for many candidates who have successfully bagged high-paying jobs in varied industries.




Learning Benefits of this Course


Know all about data visualization with base R & libraries like ggplot2, etc.


Become proficient in machine learning models like a neural network, linear regression, logistic regression, etc.


Get insights from industry best practices for data measurement & analysis


Communicate business objectives in a focused manner with data analysts & help evaluate results of data analysis better.


Develop goal-oriented business strategies


Gain a full view of customers across different channels by accessing, integrating & analyzing


Customer data through multiple sources & engage customers in real-time


Understand the affinity of product by analysing transactional data


Understand analytics-based-financial decision making to drive the company’s ROI


Take actionable data-driven decisions to increase market share


Helps to know adjusting to macro changes in predictive models


Become eligible for jobs demanding an analytics background


Open doors to job opportunities abroad demanding specialization


Get promoted in current profile with most in-demand skill


Gain a competitive edge by earning a globally recognized certification




Course Content


Introductory Topics to Analytics


R Programming- Need for R, Features of R, Download, Setup, Installation; R & R Studio;


Entering and Reading Data / Data Import and Export


Operators in R


Data Types and Data Structures


Handling packages in R


Subsetting Data in R


Data Management in R


Descriptive Statistics


Apply Family in R


Aggregate and Table Command


Data Manipulation in R


Summarising the Data Graphically


gg plot – Graphical Analysis


Simple Linear Regression


Multi-Linear Regression


Logistic Regression


Decision Tree


Cluster Analysis




Having no previous experience in coding, I was afraid that I might not follow this course well but thanks to this well-framed course, I gained clarity on all the concepts and tools needed throughout the entire data science pipeline.- Manan Ahuja




I am all praise for the team to have framed a curriculum worthy of giving complete knowledge of R language along with enhancing skills for practical use. After completing this course, I cannot only manipulate data sets easily but also create visualizations to communicate results.- Mohnish Jha




This course is one of the best courses I have gained so much confidence after doing it. This course gave a boost to my career and taught me how to install and configure software necessary for a statistical programming environment.- Parul Gupta




I have recommended this course to my colleagues as it covers all practical issues in statistical computing. I learned everything about programming in R- reading data into R, accessing R packages, writing R functions, debugging and profiling R code.- Dheeraj Srivastava




After taking this course I improved my CV and was able to apply to so many more jobs. Thanks to the team, I have got a good-paying job recently.- Priyanka Saxena










Who this course is for:


IT Students

Commerce Students

Finance students

Management professionals

Anyone who wants to upskill himself/herself in Business Analytics

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