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Get certified in Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization through hands-on exercises


Tableau is not only the most powerful and fastest-growing data visualization tool used in the Business Intelligence Industry due to its ability to simplify raw data into an easily understandable format, it is also the most powerful, secure, and flexible end-to-end analytics platform.


This online Tableau course is designed to help you gain complete mastery in Data Visualization using Tableau and work as a stepping-stone in your Business Intelligence journey, bringing accolades and rich dividends. Regardless of the fact that you belong to a technical or analytical background or not, if you work with data, then this course will take you to greater heights in your career as you learn to create and distribute interactive and shareable dashboards.


With our well-curated training course certification, you will become adept in creating powerful Storyline Presentation, developing an intrinsic understanding of how Table Calculations work, and easily implementing Advanced Mapping Techniques. Our rich hands-on training on various Tableau tools will make it easy for you to acquire the relevant skill sets and make you eligible for thousands of untapped high-paying jobs in this field.


The biggest draw towards our Tableau training is the exceptional benefit we give to our candidates by providing an opportunity to work on various real-time Tableau projects.


Projects covered by us gives hands-on practical experience to wide-ranging professionals:


HR: Analyse the Attrition rate of Employees


Sales: Predicting Department wise Sales


Multi-Domain: Business Analytics Optimization


Marketing: Website Trend Analysis


Financial Analysis: Stock Market Prediction


Finance: Analyse ETF Trends


This training course will come with industry acknowledged certification that will establish your mastery in Data Visualization using Tableau, capable of accomplishing Data analysis very fast and creating dashboards and worksheets that are easily understood by all.




Learning Benefits of this Course


Master Data Visualization using Tableau


Create Powerful Storylines Presentation to Executives


Develop Intrinsic Understanding of How Table Calculations Work


Create Effective Presentations using Stories


Easily Implement Advanced Mapping Techniques


Understand Data/KPIs and the Importance of Data Visualization


Create Highly Interactive Dashboards


Easily Create Charts of any Type


Connect Tableau to other Sources effortlessly


Work on Real Life Business Problems Proficiently




Course Content:


Need of Data Visualization


Why Data Visualization is required and the tools available for it


What is Tableau?


Brief intro of the tableau as a BI Tool


Who is a Tableau Developer?


Skills required to be Tableau Developer & Average Salary


Tableau Product Suite


Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online, Tableau Reader, Tableau Public


Download & Install Tableau Desktop 10


Connect Tableau to various Datasets: Excel and CSV files


Understanding Data Relationship: Types of Joins


Implementation of left, right, inner, and outer joins


Sorting Data


Data Sorting in Data Source tab and worksheet tab (i.e., QuickSort, Sort by the toolbar, Sort by Pill & Sorting from Marks Cards)


Data Source – Adding, Modifying & Replacing


Explains various operations that can be on data source


Filter Data in Tableau


Extract, Data Source, Context, Measure, Dimension, Date & Quick Filter


Formatting Filters


Tableau Charts & Graphs


Scatter Charts, Line Chart, Bar Chart & Stacked Chart, Word Map, TreeMap, Bump Chart, Funnel Chart, Adv. Funnel Chart, Waterfall Chart, Pie Chart & Maps


Create Calculated Fields


How to create Calculated Fields and their usage


Create Parameters


Introduction to types of Parameters, Parameters with filters, Parameters with sets, Parameters with Measure Filters & Parameter with Dimension Filters and their usage


Create Table Calculations


How to perform Table Calculations and their usage


Data Blending in Tableau


How to perform Data Blending and their Calculations


Create Interactive Dashboards


How to create Interactive Dashboards and their usage


Publish & Share Dashboards


How to Publish Tableau Workbooks/Dashboards on Tableau Online and how to share them to end-users


Tableau Online – Use & Account Creation


How to create a trial account of Tableau Online and the use of Tableau Online as a server for publishing data


Create Storylines


How to create Story Lines in Tableau and its usage




Words of appreciation from our Students


“The course content was good and the instructor was a thorough professional who made everything look so simple and invited us to question him. Learning was fun in this course like never before!”- Naman Singh


“Being my first ever online training, I was rather speculative but by the end of it my views changed and I am eager to join some more short courses from here. Hats off to the organizers and the trainer for providing what they had promised- complete understanding.”- Swati Agrawal


“This well-curated Tableau course has helped me to build the confidence to make a shift in my career, for the better, of course. Can’t thank the team enough.”- Monika Sinha


“Initially, I thought that this Tableau course would be difficult to understand as I do not have experience in analytics but I am happy that the way my instructor explained each and every point, I was never confused. I found it worth every penny.”- Abhishek Rout


“It won’t be an exaggeration if I say that this is one of the best Tableau courses available today as it covers everything that I was looking to learn.”- Nimisha Khare


Who this course is for:

Data Scientists

Business Intelligence Professionals

Testing Professionals

Data Visualization Analysts and Functional Experts

Business Analysts

Data Analysts

Project Managers

Statisticians and Analysts

Graduates and Professionals looking to move into the Analytics Domain

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