Utilising good practice while knowing how to avoid common project management mistakes

What you’ll learn

  • The 6 stages of a project
  • How to define business objectives and benefits
  • How to plan the project
  • Defining the project budget
  • Getting the right resources
  • Monitoring and reporting project progress
  • Conducting structured testing
  • Conducting post-implementation
  • Learning the lessons
  • … and much more

Projects are the way organisations/businesses do things and introduce change to their ways of working. This may include process changes or the implementation of new IT systems or software applications.

Either way, Projects bring about change that improves services to customers, increase operational effectiveness and change processes and ways of working.

Employees in all kinds of roles participate in projects, so what exactly is project management and how is it being managed?

This course takes you through 21 steps of a project, from early conception and scope definition to delivery, evaluation, and lessons learned. Throughout the course, you will learn about good project management practices as well as learning about common mistakes that could be made along the way.

This course will help those new to project management to manage and/or contribute to projects more effectively, and for those people who have been involved in project management previously to broaden their skills and knowledge.

Who this course is for:
  • Employees who may be tasked to manage a small project for their employer
  • Anyone who wants to improve their project management skills and knowledge
  • Someone who wants to learn about project management, best practice and how to avoid mistakes

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