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Hi my name is Shaban Said Ausi Kalambo

Welcome to This is first useful course ever it is simple but effectively what you need is to use your time table to advertise your institution

your going to learn how to use opening day, Assemble day, sport & games day, Graduations day, Subject clubs, debate, morning speeches, In school and out school tours and soo on all about your school time table.

who can learn this : those who wants to advertising their Schools, or The Ambassador like me who struggling, finding Best Ideals for better result in their career.

I am in this game since 2015 and now I am Master at it I plan for many schools, collage and Universities

and what I gave them is in this course. so taking this your going to master the game.

In order to successes in this lessons you need

1. Digital camera or Smartphone   for filming the videos

2. Editing software ( optional)

3. Social media accounts ( You Tube, Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram even website if you have if you don’t have is not a case.

you will need those account for sharing your videos.

Take this course and enjoying your business


If you need the support feel free to contact me anytime  so we can discussing the issue and we can builds another opportunity too.

Big Thanks

to those who are taking this course and those who are share the good news

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