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100% Guarantee for Learning


This is an Amazing course of 20 lectures with practical implementation along with codes and notes for each and every lecture.


You will be learning this course step by step and will be interacting with all the topics along will practical of each and every topic considering all the conditions .


This course is enough to set all your logics and concepts on place and in description you will get all the codes .


1. Working in Java – Under this head you will be getting a short description about working of java .


2. Writing a first code in java with BlueJ – In second phase your programming skills will be taken under consideration.


3. Data types and variable creation in Java –  Data type and var creation will be implemented using blueJ


4. Input in Java- Input the val into the variables will be implemented in BlueJ


5. Conversion of Data types- Data Conversion of both the types will be explained with a practical session.


6. If statement in Java – Conditions need to taken during sessions


7. Switch case in java – Switching on int and char will be explained.


8. Loops and its types – Loops of all different types will be explained


9. Pattern and Series with Loops – Nested loops with patterns will be explained


10. Classes and objects – Classes and Objects with Example and practical sessions


11. Functions with its types with Nested Functions – Function + Nested Function + Function Overloading


12. Arrays with its types – Arrays of both the types


13. Math class functions – Math functions with all examples


14. String operations – String and its functions


15. Constructors and its types – Constructor with all its types.


16. Interaction with multiple classes and objects – Classes and Objects of different classes


17. Inheritance – Base and Derive class relation


18. Interfaces – Creation of Interfaces and use in java.


100% Guarantee for Learning

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