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Hi, My name is Muhammad Mahdi, I have a Bachelor of Nursing.  In this course, I will introduce you to many common medical conditions in the medical field and in hospital, which are important for students of medicine, nursing and pharmacy.

In this course I will talk about several medical conditions such as kidney failure and poisoning.  Pulmonary edema.  I have pneumonia.  Asthma and many other medical conditions.Hello, if you are a nurse or studying nursing, you are in the right place, exclusively the comprehensive and intensive nursing course, which is a nursing provider course, in which we explain everything related to theory in the field of nursing, we will talk about diseases and their causes and talk about research methods, health, heart diseases, blood disorders and problems of psychology  And medical terminology and basics of nursing and other lectures.

Nursing is an art, science and humanity, and it is providing society with certain services that are therapeutic in nature that help the individual to remain healthy, and prevent complications resulting from diseases and injuries. It has both technical and moral (psychological and social) aspects. Nursing is a work performed to assist an individual – sick or healthy – in carrying out activities that contribute to improving his health or restoring his health in the event of illness or “death in peace and safety.” ( World Health Organization )

Nursing is a science and an art that takes care of the individual as a whole – body, mind and spirit – and works to advance and preserve the individual spiritually, mentally and physically and help him recover when he is sick. The concern for the sick individual extends to his family and society, and this includes taking care of his environment and providing health education through guidance and good example (International Health Association Bulletin ).

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