Learn the fundamentals Apache NiFi!

Apache NiFi is a software tool used to extract, transform, and load data. NiFi integrates with many different data types and file formats with built in processors. With integration for FTL, SQL, CSV, Snowflake, Kafka, AWS, and more, processing data becomes as easy as drag and drop. Built in features for load management and back pressure handling make NiFi very scalable. Utilizing NiFi can help create automated data flows with reliability and efficiency.

This course covers the fundamentals of Apache NiFi. The course begins with setting up the NiFi developer environment, and then proceeds to introduce various terminology used in NiFi covering topics like what a processor is, how a flowfile works, and how to build data flows. The course then progresses into building workflows to tackle data processing issues one might expect to see in real life.

The content of the course will show prominent use cases for NiFi and how its capability is fully utilized. The course covers file import and export, CSV record data transformation. text file processing, and more.

Regardless of previous experience, material in this course will be useful for you. Taking this course will help beginners learn everything they need to get started with NiFi and begin building flows of their own. Also, students of the course will understand key techniques for getting NiFi ready in production environments.

If you are looking for resources to start or continue developing with this versatile data tool, Getting Started with Apache NiFi is the course for you!

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