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Most of us use Microsoft Word, but are we using it effectively?

We’ve combined our Microsoft Word Beginners and Microsoft Word Advanced courses to create this Ultimate Microsoft Word Beginner to Expert Bundle. With over 20 hours of Word tutorials, we leave no stone unturned in teaching you everything Word has to offer.

If you spend a lot of time in Word, this could be the course that saves you hours each week.

This course is aimed at Word 2019 or Microsoft 365 users but is also suitable for Word 2016 and 2013 users. Unlock the power of the Word today!

Microsoft Word Beginners Course

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to get started with Word 2019

  • Word 2019 basics including navigation, editing, and saving

  • Character formatting in Word, including Format Painter and AutoCorrect

  • How to work properly with bullets and numbering in Microsoft Word

  • It’s all about formatting paragraphs and managing lists

  • Working with Tables in Word including formatting, converting data and formulas

  • Page appearances including page breaks, watermarks, and styles

  • It’s all about Sectioning a document

  • Inserting graphics, pictures, shapes, and icons (new for 2019)

  • How to work with envelopes and labels

  • It’s all about mail-merge and operating Word at scale

  • How to create an Index or Content page

  • Reviewing and Printing in Word and Page Setup

  • Protecting a Word document and basic macros in Word

Microsoft Word Advanced Course

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to find and replace special characters

  • It’s all about spelling, grammar, and autocorrect options

  • How to work with different views in Word

  • How to style and use formulas in Tables in Word

  • Best practices for images include compressing images, captions, 3d models, and icons

  • How to Make Use of Text Boxes in Word

  • How to use sections, pages, and column breaks

  • All for Master and Subdocuments

  • How to utilize hyperlinks

  • How to use Word Templates

  • How to modify document properties

  • How to use Themes and Custom Themes

  • How to protect documents with passwords, read-only and digital signatures

  • How to mark up and track changes in a Word document

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