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Contains step by step instructions. Learn HTML, CSS with Flex, Grid, Icons & Responsive Web Design


New to programming?


Don’t like programming, but you want to get started?


You are in the right place. HTML is easier to learn than programming languages like Python, Java, C#.


This course contains fine grained steps for anybody to get started.


















Form Validation


Create web pages that capture data from users using forms


Understand the purpose of semantic tags




Applying styles using Inline, Internal and External


Understand Element Selector, Id Selector and Class Selector


Understanding and Applying Fonts


Font Classification – Serif, Sans Serif, Monospace


Font File Types – TTF, OTF, WOFF, WOFF2


Understanding fonts installed in your desktop


Finding fonts from internet


Apply font using @font-face


Apply font using @import


Font Size – Absolute Size Keywords, Relative Size Keywords, Length, Percentage


Font Weight


Understanding and applying colors


Red, Green and Blue


Apply color using RGB


Apply color using Hexadecimal values


Other color applying options – RGBA, HSL, HSLA, currentcolor


Color Picker


Create Borders with various styles and apply border radius


Apply Spacing using Width, Padding and Margin


Position elements using float and clear


Understanding the Box Model


Understanding Border Box Box Model


Design page layout using Float and Clear


Display property


Apply display property as none, inline, block, inline-block


Design page layout using flex


Design page layout using grid and understand about fractional unit


Apply styles to Form Elements


Style Labels


Style Input Text


Style Password


Style Drop Down


Style Text Area


Align Radio Buttons and Checkboxes


Apply border to Input Text


Style Buttons with hover effect


Position Elements










Layout Design using Position


Styling List and Table


Using Third Party Library Icons using CSS


Apply Responsive Web Design using CSS


Launch the screens developed during this course into GitHub Pages


Who this course is for:


Developers looking to enhance their skills

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