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Welcome to “C Programming 2021: Master The Basics!

This course is for total Beginners, you will learn how to code using the  C Programming Language in an easy, simple, and efficient way.


What Will You Get?

Develop your programming skills: From ZERO to ONE

In-depth knowledge and practice – 2+ Hours Course with Exercises

Flexible learning – At Your Own Pace, On Any Device

– Zero-fluff – Straight to the point, no time wasted

– Clear delivery – I explain every single thing clearly, step-by-step


What Will You Learn?


– Installing Code::Blocks IDE

– Basic Program Structure, Comments

– The Build Process

– Variables and Data Types

– Constants and Addresses

– Input and Output (scanf(), printf())

– Arrays

– Strings (char arrays)

– Operators

– Control Flow (Decisions)

– Control Flow (Loops)

– Functions, Scope



– power

– Sum of Input

– Divisors of a Number

– Min and Max

– GCD and LCM

– 1D Array: Sum and Product

– 2D Array: print [row-row, column-column]

– 2D Array: Rain Fall

– Strings: Read a string

– Strings: Copy String to String


This is a part of the full 18-hours long ( 11+ hours of exercises ) course “C Programming: Become A Pro! Think Like a Programmer!“, you can check it after you finish this course for more content and advanced topics!

REMEMBER: you have a “30-Days” money-back guarantee, so don’t worry if you have any doubts…

So what are you waiting for? SEE YOU INSIDE!
Enjoy the course! I’m sure it will make you a better programmer!

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