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Career tests and assessments for Private Equity professionals.


Have you ever wished to know more about what drives you professionally? Have you ever wondered why you get along with some Private Equity professionals and not others? Have you found yourself wondering if the lifestyle of sourcing, investing and monitoring deals is really for you, and you specifically like about it? Have you found yourself trying to plan your long-term career but without a clear idea?


This course will provide a set of assessments that will help you uncover your career goals and drivers. Both in general terms, but also the consequences these have in terms of the Private Equity profession.


We’ll touch on assessments related to:

– The values you most seek (and want to move away from) in a company’s culture;

– What actual dimensions and components of work you are most aligned with;

– Your ultimate career drivers and motivators;

– And others;


By the end of it, you will be able to effectively tell under which conditions you perform best, what you preferred promotion and reward system is, what your specific language and goals are, among other assessments.


By the end of this course, you will be more prepared to apply to new positions – or craft your current one – to better match your needs. You will now more about what drives you, and how you can be fulfilled by your work.


Who this course is for:

Anybody looking to refine their long-term career goals and objectives

Anybody looking to know more about what truly motivates them professionaly

Anybody trying to assess the fit between their skillset and PE

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