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Have you ever felt negative energy come over you for no apparent reason when you are near someone or around certain places? Had a curse hurled at you? Been spooked by a ghost in a building? Imperiled by demonic forces? Been drained and discombobulated by an energy vampire? Or, do you encounter more mundane but still disruptive negative energies like an over-demanding boss, the local bully, hurtful gossip, a physically or mentally abusive spouse, or life in a dangerous neighborhood threatened by thieves and violence? Whatever your source of negative energy, danger, or threat, you’ll find effective, proven, psychic, and magickal countermeasures within this course.

This is a comprehensive course is based on the ages-old Esoteric Practice of psychic protection and psychic self-defense.

Written and presented by a practicing occultist and India’s leading Astral Traveler  Dr. Poonam Sharma, with over 15 years of experience, Dr . Poonam Sharma is the co-founder and Director of Studies of the Vidya Retreat Academy of Esoteric Science, a Kundalini Initiate of the Indian Mystics Tradition and an Ayurveda and Alternative HealingsTrainer. This course is going to be very comprehensive.

· A detailed instruction course on protecting oneself from a paranormal attack explains how to recognize the signs of a psychic haunting and attack, overcome its physical aspects, and understand the methods and motives behind an attack. Call upon specific angels to aid you

· Create Crystal Energy Shields.

· Protect yourself when in a channeling or spirit medium trance.

· Use your Aura to create ASP’s (Auric Shields of Power).

· Empower Wards for protection against specific threats.

· Recognize and counter Energy Vampires.

· Cleanse a home of negative energy

· Cut negative energy cords to disharmonious people.

· Counter Black Magick.

· Detect alien presence.

· Banish malicious entities or demons.

· Self-Defense Against Energy Vampires, Psychopaths and Narcissists.

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