If you guys are getting coupon expired or course is not free after opening the link, then it is due to the fact that course instructors provide only few hundreds or thousands of slots which get exhausted. So, try to enroll in the course as soon as it is posted in the channel. The Coupons may expire any time for instant notification follow telegram channel

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Discover How To Jumpstart Your Success Within 30 Mins Using Our Simple Method To Model Already Hugely Successful Funnels




I love Russell Brunson & ClickFunnels,




and i think the OFA Challenge is amazing,




I am part of the ClickFunnels TRIBE….




everyone who wants to learn how to sell stuff Online should do the ” ONE FUNNEL AWAY CHALLENGE”, its $100, and you will get $1000s of Dollars Online Marketing Advice from it.


It is quite Simply the Best way to learn Online Marketing in 2021 …PERIOD.


BUT, while I believe it’s a 30 day Masterclass in how to sell stuff online (about 30 mins to 1 hour per day- and you can watch anytime, it saves inside your FB Group- you can refer back to this FOREVER) there is 1 problem……




The Elephant in the Room




They give you a Funnel Template to build your Course off, and its UGLY.


You end up building an UGLY FUNNEL, because they don’t teach you how to actually build a Funnel, just edit their existing Funnel.




If you need any help on making your Funnel look great, we are your guys, we can show you quickly how to improve the design, and we can work with you live on zoom showing you how to Improve your Funnel.




We all know, humans are visual people, and potential clients will JUDGE you and your offer on how well its presented to them. Within seconds they will decide whether your offer is Good or Bad, based on how professional your Funnel looks….period.




Yes, Copywriting is important, a good HOOK helps.




Hook, Story & Offer is Epic




Remember people SCAN your OFFER, looking at overall ascetics, Titles etc, before they make up their mind to take the time to give your offer a chance.




Make sure you make a Good First Impression,










Who this course is for:

anyone who wishes to sell a Physical Product or Virtual Product

Need a Landing Page to gather Leads for your Business- build a simple Lead Funnel

Do you want to learn how to sell stuff on the Internet

Good Introduction on how to Build Simple Landing Pages using the ClickFunnels Editor, and to Start earning money on teh Internet

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