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With Time Management, Complete More in Less Time, Boost Productivity, Plan and Work Only For Result.

What you’ll learn

  • Analyze your time investments by identifying expectations, experiences, and results
  • By learning time perception of the brain, understand why the time passes slowly or quickly and learn how to control it
  • Plan every step to your goals and learn how to plan based on finishing a job
  • Learn how to activate Striatum, the brain’s area to start a job
  • By learning the brain’s reactions, understand how to get maximum productivity with the reasons behind
  • Use emotional intelligence to boost your mood and work more productive
  • Challenge yourself and your environment and encourage to work more productive
  • Use 3 essential requirements of the brain to work more productive (food, water, and sleep)
  • Discover why are you procrastinating and learn how to solve it personally
  • Make a habit of giving deadlines and focus on finishing a job with Parkinson’s law
  • Use habits and routines to improve productivity
  • Discover invisible harms of the notifications and take precautions
  • Use the trilogy of the time management effectively (calendar, to-do list, note)
  • Understand the negative effects of multitasking, indecision and take precautions
  • Prepare a personalized plan based on your goals, routines and weekly plan
  • Fill your dead times with beneficial jobs and bring value to your invisible times
  • Find 20% of a result-based and valuable part of a job based on 80/20 principle
  • With the help of the practice videos, don’t get stuck in theory and apply methods to your life
  • Description

    *New and Innovative Approach to Time Management From The Bestseller Instructor*

    We know that the time is the most precious asset we have but do we really give dignity that it deserves? Do we analyze every dead time like an investor?

    Our goals and dreams can be achieved by using the time properly. We all have 24 hours a day but while some of us change the world, some of us can’t even take action. Time management is understanding the body and the brain. By learning the reactions of the body and the brain, we can direct our attention and energy to the right hours properly to earn hours.

    The real importance of the time management can’t be seen from distant. From the outside, everybody works in the same way. That’s why, when we work, we think that we work without any mistake. Actually, there are many problems and mistakes in our common work type, and in order to solve them, we have to hear them.

    Our time management course analyzes the most common problems that waste our time starting from long term plans to daily life. By questioning these problems, we give scientific or tested solutions and make you earn time. We don’t want to get stuck in theory, so, we have many practices that also encourage the student to take action and increase productivity.

    When you finish the course, you’ll learn investing your time, working by understanding your brain’s requirements, managing your mood, and many more topics. With scientifically proven techniques, you’ll learn giving compeller deadlines, taking action for a goal by making detailed and realistic plans. Thus, you’ll learn completing more jobs in less time, drawing an efficient way to reach a goal, analyzing your plans, and results to increase productivity.

    There are 14 sections, 39 lessons, and 7 tests in the course. Every lesson is based on scientific works and experiments. In order to trust tactics completely, besides many resources, there are practice videos that you can apply to your life and prove the results personally.

    Time management courses that made by now were mostly about simple and common suggestions like “make a plan”, “take a break”, “be productive”. Those courses don’t teach reason behind their suggestions and so, their suggestions are easy to forget and hard to personalize for our own life. In our course, we put 2 main differences after analyzing them. Firstly, for every technique and advice, we additionally give logic behind and made trainees learn better and personalize, if necessary. Secondly, we put topics into practice in order not to get stuck in theory.

    We have many tactics and topics throughout the course in spite of a short amount of time. We don’t want any trainee to strangle with every piece of information about topics, instead, we gave only the necessary things. Thus, we used trainee’s time effectively while teaching how to control time.

    Why Time Management Course Is Better As An Online Course?

    • For every video of our course, there are many working hours behind it fixing even the smallest voice mistake. Sentences and words are being controlled many times. Thus, the viewer gets much useful information in a small amount of time. If we compare it with a training center, 10 hours of a training center equals minutes of a well made online course.
    • The trainee can get updates to the course for free and be updated about the topic. Moreover, the course becomes better in time with updates based on trainee feedbacks.
    • Price is almost free if we compare it with training center prices.
    • Benefits can be understood by comments of other people known as social proof.
    • You can start instantly to our course so there is no waiting time to meet with an instructor in a classroom.
    • More fun for the viewer because it includes animation, moving objects, and sentences.
    • Question&Answer section makes it possible to get help one to one.

    Thank you so much for reviewing our course. I am personally ready to work hard for you to learn techniques that are crucial and beneficial for your working life.

    Please don’t feel shy to contact me. (Other than Udemy: Instagram: @wabyilmaz)

    If you are still hesitant you can watch our free lessons and after that if you want to control your time you can buy our course.

    One purchase will make you earn full and unlimited access including future updates.

    Who this course is for:

    • A person who wants to complete more in less time by working regularly
    • People who want to be aware of result based jobs by analyzing
    • A person who wants to have more leisure time by using his/her time effectively
    • People who want to boost productivity by understanding the brain and the body
    • A person who wants to learn time management topics with reasons behind and personalize the tactics and the techniques

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