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Applying proper conflict resolution skills to de-escalate tense situations and comfort others.


It’s a rule that everyone has conflicts. Bigger or smaller, these are always present. it may be with co-workers, clients, friends, and more. Conflicts are much more present than we think, and conflict resolution is an essential social skill in the world of today – both in a personal and professional context.


I’ve been coaching top executives and professionals for over 5 years, helping with conflict resolution in many different contexts:

– Conflicts with co-workers that are competing in terms of workload or credit;

– Conflicts with other executives to obtain support for key initiatives;

– Conflicts with subordinates or managers in terms of not agreeing with the given performance ratings or reviews;

– And many others;


This short course will walk you through some core techniques for conflict resolution, including showing respect and empathy, analyzing the person’s rules, detecting whether the person goes violent or silent, and many others.


The course has three major components:

– Diagnostic (how to assess what type of conflict you have on your hands, and what rules were broken that led to it);

– Techniques (techniques to use to de-escalate the situation including empathy, understanding, respect, guiding towards implementation, and others);

– Traps (traps to avoid that can escalate the situation or cause a misalignment of expectations later);


Not only is it a conflict resolution course, it’s also, in many ways a social skills course in general, which means you will be able to transplant many of these techniques from this context to other areas of life (relationships, family, friends, and others).


Who this course is for:

Anybody in a professional context with a conflict to resolve (so, everyone!)

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