Learn corporate finance from a practicing CPA Certified Public Accountant


We will learn how to read financial statements and how to use them for decision making.


A primary tool we will use is ratio analysis. Ratio analysis is a very useful skill in a wide area of topics, and financial analysis is a great place to learn the skill.


Ratios are necessary when measuring performance, including most any job performance. For example, we must apply ratio analysis when measuring the job performance of sports athletes. Similar ratio analysis will apply to most any job performance, and also apply to the performance of corporations.


Once we analyze the past performance of a corporation, we can use this knowledge to predict future performance, helping us make decisions about the company, whether those decisions be investment-related, creditor related, or managerial.


This course will include many example problems using both a presentation format and a spreadsheet format.


Corporate finance is a wonderful tool to learn, improve, and practice Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet skills. Every spreadsheet practice problem will include a downloadable Excel file, that can be opened with Google Sheets, containing at least two tabs, one with the answer, the other with a preformatted worksheet to be filled in along with a step by step instructional video.


Who this course is for:

Finance Professionals

Finance Students

Business Owners

Anybody who wants to understand financial concepts and have a reference tool for them

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