In this 2D animation course using Vyond, I’m going to take you by the hand and show you how to create this very simple intro video that you just saw. I’m going to show you the process of putting elements together in Vyond, creating the scene and using the proper timing to create this animation that is very engaging and most businesses and individuals use it now why because everyone wants to stick around and understand the information in every scene and that’s what 2D animation does for you.

You’ll be able to get the attention of the viewers, at the same time letting them know what your message is about by keeping their eyes glued to these moving parts making them curious about what the ending animation looks like and that’s why it has become a very important marketing tool for everyone.

Using Vyond, I’m going to be showing you this process step-by-step through different 2d animation structures and I hope as you go through it you understand how to do this yourself very easily without complication you’ll be able to create your very own 2D animation after watching every single part of this course. Remember if you don’t understand a part you can go through that part again or come over to the very beginning and watch it to the end. I’m sure if you do this the second time, it becomes super easy to use Vyond and you can go out and create your own voice overs put them in 2d animation video, create your own characters, create your own scenes and produce your very own animation that is stunning and engaging to viewers to watch and you’ll be getting good reviews from your 2d animation videos at the end of the day this is the plan for everyone who enrols in this 2d animation video course with Vyond.

So if this is something you’re interested in, make sure you take this course and stick to it till the very end. It is very important you watch every single video in the series so that you can understand it properly.

I’m David Oisamoje, and I will be your instructor on this course see you inside this full 2D animation course with Vyond.

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