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The complete cssSelector course.


~ Learn to write cssSelector from scratch and be an expert in cssSelector Writing~


In this cssSelector Tutorial series, we will learn all about cssSelector from basic to advance level with real time scenarios and its importance in automation like with selenium, cypress etc. We will learn about the different cssSelector functions in very simple way which will be very easy to understand and will make you perfect in cssSelector writing. We will learn about how to write simple cssSelector with cssSelector basic functions, relative cssSelector with parent, with axes, cssSelector for SVG elements, for shadow DOM elements, cssSelector for iframe elements and dynamic dropdown etc.


This course will help you to learn tips and tricks to save time while writing script in cypress, selenium etc. This course also has Selector Challenge which will help a lot to practice and brush up what you will learn.


This course is a highly recommended course for all the selenium users, cypress users, WebDriverIO users , protractor users and all web automation testers.


This course is also very helpful for all the Web developers.


If you are starting your career in web automation then this course is for you. It will add a skill in your profile.


Who this course is for:

All Test Automation engineer who want to create better and easier to maintain locators

All selenium users.

All cypress users.

All Test Automation engineer who want to learn cssSelector concepts from scratch with realtime scenarios.

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