Streamlit is an open-source app framework for Machine Learning and Data Science teams.

Streamlit lets you turn data scripts into shareable web apps in minutes. It’s all Python, open-source, and free! And once you’ve created an app you can use our cloud platform to deploy, manage, and share your app!

In this course we will cover everything you need to know concerning streamlit such as

  1. Installing Anaconda and create a virtual env

  2. Installing Streamlit , pytube, firebase

  3. Setting up GitHub account if you already don’t have one

  4. Display Information with Streamlit

  5. Widgets with Streamlit 

  6. Working with data frames ( Loading , Displaying )

  7. Creating a image filter ( we use popular Instagram filters)

  8. Creating a YouTube video downloader (using pytube api)

    1. pytube is a lightweight, dependency-free Python library which is used for downloading videos from the web

  9. Creating Interactive plots

    1. User selected input value for chart

    2. Animated Plot

  10. Introduction to Multipage Apps

    1. Structuring multipage apps

    2. Run a multipage app

    3. Adding pages

  11. Build a OCR – Image to text conversion with tesseract

  12. Content in progress to be uploaded soon

    1. Concept of Sessions

    2. NTLK with streamlit

    3. Creating  a personal portfolio page with streamlit

    4. Deploy Application with Streamlit  Cloud

    5. Working with SQLite

      1. Connecting to database

      2. Reading data from database

      3. Writing Data  into database

    6. Additional Apps

      1. Static Code quality analyzer

      2. No SQL Job Board with Firebase  API

      3. Converting random forest model into streamlit application

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