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The MOST Comprehensive Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Course 2021 – from the Internet Efficiency Award Winning Instructor.

What you’ll learn

MAKE MONEY as a Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads Expert – Supercharge your e-commerce business, GET MORE LEADS, or FREELANCE – with my FAST LEARN step-by-step training.

USE FACEBOOK ADS TO SELL – with hands on, sales focused training that gives you RESULTS from Facebook Conversion & Dynamic Ads, Engagement Ads with Custom & Lookalike Audiences, and more…

INTERNET EFFICIENCY AWARD-WINNING FACEBOOK ADS & FACEBOOK MARKETING STRATEGY – the LATEST market research data fused with my expert Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads analysis.

POWER UP WITH THE FACEBOOK PIXEL 2021 – Correctly use the latest API Pixel set up so you avoid rookie mistakes – PLUS understand domain verification so you’re READY FOR iOS 14 RESTRICTIONS.

Follow my SUCCESS blueprints – PROVEN examples and case studies you can follow to boost your Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, & Messenger Ads performance.

HOT NEW FACEBOOK LEAD GENERATION ADS TECHNIQUES – start getting a constant stream of leads & sign ups right away.

NEW FACEBOOK NEW 2021 LAYOUT – Explained – Learn the NEW Facebook Business Manager, Business Page layout, Creator Studio, – and the 2021 Facebook Pixel and Business setup for iOS 14.

HARNESS ALL FACEBOOK’s FEATURES & GET READY FOR iOS 14 Apple restrictions – Learn the NEW 2021 FACEBOOK INTERFACE to get benefit from Facebook for Business & Facebook Ads Library.

Learn EVERY FACEBOOK AD OBJECTIVE & FORMAT – create perfect Ads and learn how and WHEN you should use Dynamic Ads, Conversion Ads, Lead Generation Ads, Traffic Ads and more…

MESSENGER AD MASTERY – Show Messenger Ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger – Start conversations, & use Chatbots to create new leads & sell 24/7!!!

GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM BUSINESS PROFILE – set up your Facebook Business Page to display your Instagram Business Profile on Facebook – and show Facebook Ads on Instagram.

POWER INSTAGRAM AD TECHNIQUES – learn how to make the most out of Instagram Ads, how to create the IDEAL Insta Ad, and how to integrate Instagram with your Facebook Page correctly.

OPTIMISE YOUR FACEBOOK ADS BUDGET – with Facebook Advertising strategies and smart Facebook Remarketing techniques. Create Custom and Lookalike Audiences from your website visitors, Facebook Business Page, Video Views, Instagram Business Profile and more…

Create VIDEO for Facebook & Instagram – Create catchy short smartphone and drone clips & discover how to cut and edit video with Adobe Premier Pro with a creator who’s made Ads for Pepsi & Nike!

FACEBOOK MARKET RESEARCH – Learn how to use the Facebook Ads Library to study your competitor’s Ads & use Audience Insights to create better audiences and more precise targeting.

FACEBOOK RETARGETING SECRETS – Double your sales with smart retargeting and remarketing secrets that reel in potential customers.

Copywrite like a PRO – the MASTER KEY to success with Facebook Ads – my easy learn video explainer BONUS COURSE teaches you how to create Ad content that gets clicks, leads, & SALES.

Use the FULL POWER of Facebook Pixel Events – & save time by creating PERFECT audiences that are highly receptive to your ads.

GRAB ATTENTION with Facebook VIDEO marketing – create engaging clips for your Facebook Ads & marketing posts & learn how to use online software for this – without a camera or cutting software!

DEFINE YOUR BUSINESS OBJECTIVES – Maximise your Facebook Ad results by creating a strategy tailored to your ideal customer’s journey to purchase – so you achieve your marketing goals.

POWER UP your BUSINESS – Learn how to use Facebook Jobs, Competition Analysis, Jobs Ads & Messenger Ads to supercharge your Facebook Marketing.

Learn the NEW FACEBOOK BUSINESS 2021 LAYOUT – Set up slick looking Facebook Business Pages & benefit from Facebook Business Page & Marketing features.

Get MORE out of FACEBOOK LOCAL ADS – Precision target your Local Ads with Reach Ads and Engagement Ads for Local Business.

AUTOMATE YOUR BUSINESS – with Facebook catalogue feeds and Messenger bots – PLUS use Dynamic Ads to reel in customers who interacted with your Facebook content or website.

DIGITAL MARKETING CAREERS BONUS guide – Land a highly paid job, FREELANCE, or start your own Ad agency with my in-depth how to guide.

This course includes:

26 hours on-demand video

29 downloadable resources

Full lifetime access

Access on mobile and TV



Dear Student,


FACEBOOK ULTIMATE COURSE 2021 edition (ready for iOS 14 restrictions) – Optimise your Facebook, Instagram and Messenger ads budget, boost e-commerce sales, enjoy HOT leads from Facebook & Instagram, or set up as a successful freelancer…


Hi, I’m Tomas Moravek, the INTERNET EFFICIENCY AWARD Winning Digital Strategist with my Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger Ads Ultimate Mastery Course, 2021 Edition.


When you enrol on this course, you’ll be joining 300,000+ successful students who’ve learned Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Messenger Ads using my techniques and strategies.


Whether you’re a total novice, or have some experience with Facebook and Facebook Ads, with my step-by-technique optimised for beginners you’ll get expert knowledge – FAST.


Here’s why you need MY course:






✔ I cover EVERY TYPE OF FACEBOOK AD – learn how to create the perfect Ad for each format and WHEN you need to use each type of Ad objective


✔ FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS – use SMART marketing tools Facebook offers


✔ POWER UP YOUR INSTAGRAM ADS – & grow your Instagram Business Profile with Facebook


✔ COPYWRITE FOR FACEBOOK LIKE A PRO – the MASTER key to Facebook Ads success


✔ Learn how to shoot VIDEO FOR FACEBOOK with a creator who’s worked for Nike


✔ STEP BY STEP CURRICULUM OPTIMISED FOR BEGINNERS – HOURS of HQ video walkthroughs plus HUGE resource centre with many MP3s & downloadable PDF Guides


✔ FUN QUIZZES to test your knowledge & get you ready for the Facebook Blueprint


✔ Downloadable TO DO Lists you can check off and use as reminders for your Facebook Ads


✔ REAL PROVEN SUCCESS BLUEPRINTS & Case studies you can follow


✔ Get my FULL SUPPORT and ask me anything – ANYTIME


It’s a cliché phrase I know, but this really is the only Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Messenger Ads course you’re ever going to need – and when you enrol, you’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to my constantly updated course content.


Inside, I share the same strategies I use to create Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger Ads that have taken e-commerce start-up from 0 to 7 figures. Learn from my most successful Facebook Marketing campaigns and follow the blueprints I’ll share to make HIGHLY PROFITABLE FACEBOOK ADS.


With my mobile optimised content and fast-learning material – you can study anywhere! Download our Udemy app via the Apple Store or Google Play and start learning my Facebook Ads strategies wherever you are – at any time of day!


Covers the FACEBOOK UPDATES 2021 plus the NEW FACEBOOK ADS EXPERIENCE 2021 with Facebook Pixel Setup via API with Events setup to GET READY FOR IOS 14. You’ll also understand domain verification, so you can fully prepare for iOS14.


No spin and NO FAKE GURUS


If you’re prepared to put in an honest effort and practice the techniques I’ll share, you CAN become an expert at Facebook Ads. No fake guru’s, no gimmicks, and ZERO SPIN, just tried and tested PROVEN STRATEGIES brought to you by me, an Internet Efficiency Award Winning Digital Marketer.


“This course is amazing. I’m really impressed how Tom explained all this complicated stuff easily and clearly. He’s not like other (”Fake Marketing Gurus”) out there who sell their image and luxury life. He’s so professional and cares about other students learning too. I will manage it for sure with Tomas’s courses. Thank you, Tom!” Evangelos


Super quick course breakdown:


✔ SELL, SELL, SELL- Insider essential guide to selling with Facebook, Instagram, Messenger Ads and Digital Marketing – geared to help you start immediately getting more leads and sales


✔ ADVANCED FACEBOOK ADS TECHNIQUES – Double your sales and leads with my easy to learn NEXT LEVEL techniques, including remarketing, retargeting, Messenger Bots and more…


✔ COPYWRITING FOR Facebook ADS & Facebook Marketing – the MASTER KEY to selling with Facebook Ads – create eye-catching content that stops people scrolling past


✔ Harness the POWER OF FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS – Set up your Facebook Business Profile for success and employ every useful business tool Facebook Business Manager has to offer!


✔ FACEBOOK CONTENT CREATOR STUDIO – Learn how to manage all your content, track it’s performance & connect better with your audience


✔ ACHIEVE YOUR BUSINESS OBJECTIVES – Define your goals and create a personalised strategy to get to where you want to be – FAST


✔ LEARN HOW TO CREATE EVERY TYPE OF FACEBOOK AD– and when you should use them with my practical walkthrough guides


Plus get 4 potent Digital Marketing bonuses:


1. COPYWRITE LIKE A PRO – Learn the essentials of creating engaging content for Facebook, Instagram, and ALL your online marketing…


2. WIN WITH FACEBOOK JOBS – create job ads that get 100’s of responses or find your dream marketing role or a lucrative freelance gig through Facebook


3. Make VIDEOS FOR FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM – using just your smartphone & get valuable BONUS tools to help you create slick looking clips


4. LAND YOUR FIRST JOB IN MARKETING, start your own ad agency – or set up as a successful digital freelancer


Let’s take a deeper look at what’s inside…


Using clear, STEP-BY-STEP video explainers and high-quality screen recordings I’ll show you how to create Facebook Ads that are PRECISION TARGETED TO YOUR PERFECT CUSTOMER.




✔ Blueprints to get a boost your Ad relevancy covering the 3 NEW AD METRICS FOR 2021,


✔ My secret FACEBOOK HIGH ENGAGEMENT strategy,


✔ Strategies to optimise your Facebook budget – reach more people and SPEND LESS


✔ PLUS, my ULTRA POTENT strategy to increase your CTR (Clickthrough) rate.


EVERY TYPE OF FACEBOOK AD FORMAT & OBJECTIVE COVERED – I go in-depth showing you how to create all ad formats so you can make PERFECT Traffic Ads, Lead Generation Ads, Dynamic Ads, Conversion Ads and more.


Start getting LEADS RIGHT AWAY – Make a quick start with my easy guide to creating Facebook Lead Generation Ads and get a stream of new clients immediately!


FACEBOOK COPYWRITING – Create Ad & post content that will get you 1000’s of LEADS AND SALES.


CUSTOM/ LOOKALIKE AUDIENCES – Learn how to create ideal custom and lookalike audiences quickly – so you can use them in your retargeting to become a true FACEBOOK ADS MASTER.


RETARGETING & REMARKETING – Double your results by using the RIGHT type of remarketing to real interested customers right back in. I’ll show you how to remarket and retarget using the new 2021 layout, Audience Insights, and the Facebook Ads Library .


FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE for the NEW 2021 LAYOUT – Optimise your Facebook Business page and use Facebook Creator Studio, Facebook Audience Insights, and the Facebook Ads Library


FACEBOOK COMPETITION ANALYSIS – Discover what Ads perform well – and WHY


FACEBOOK INTERFACE 2021 – Understand ALL the 2021 updates including the 3 NEW AD relevance metrics, so you can boost your relevancy, conversion, quality, and engagement score


FACEBOOK PIXEL 2021 – Avoid rookie mistakes and set up the Facebook Pixel correctly, so you benefit from features like Facebook Pixel Events. Featuring the NEW Facebook Pixel Setup 2021 via API with Events setup – so you can GET READY FOR IOS 14.


MESSENGER BOTS – I’ll teach you how to use Chat bots to AUTOMATE YOUR MARKETING – so you have a sales assistant that works for you 24/7.


UNDERSTAND THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY – Learn the psychology of the path to purchase, so you can attract attention, build trust, and convert leads into SALES


FACEBOOK LOCAL ADS – LASER TARGET YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER with Reach Ads for Local Business and Engagement Ads with Local targeting. Make your Facebook Local Ads budget go further!


FACEBOOK VIDEO MARKETING – Use social media’s most popular content medium in your Facebook Ads and posts and watch your leads and sales go through the ROOF!


And more, including…


✔ Showcase all your products with the Facebook Catalogue – & create Dynamic Ads, Carousel Ads and Catalogue Ads easily and INSTANTLY


✔ Facebook Marketing Trends – stay up to date with the LATEST techniques


✔ Facebook Best Practices – PRO strategies that will elevate you above the competition


✔ Using the Facebook Music library – make your video content stand out with HQ audio


✔ Facebook Audience Insights – understand what they want – so you can give it to them!


✔ Facebook Content Creation Resources – Create perfect Ads, with Royalty free Music and sounds to make your Ads and slideshows stand out…


✔ Create HIGH ENGAGEMENT Facebook posts


Plus, as an EXTRA BONUS, I’ll also teach you how to SUPERCHARGE YOUR INSTAGRAM ADS so you can sell more and gain new followers every day- with zero effort.

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