You will develop and design five android applications.

Android App Development and Design

Android App Design with bootstrap 4

Android Development with cordova


In this course i am going to teach you. How you can create an android app with the using of some frameworks. I tried my best to teach everything step by step.

Android App Development Course outline

Project 1 – NaeemCaclulator

In this App I have added two types of calculators. Simple and Scientific. You can use it easily. In simple calculator you can first click on any number button then add an arithmetical operation like add subcontract multiply and divide. After that click on another number button then finally click on equal sign button to get output result in input field. You can also clear the screen or reset the field just click on red color c button. In the Scientific Calculator you can first add number then click on option button then add other number and at the end just click on enter button then you will get result. You also remove numbers one by one  with backspace button.

Project 2 – NaeemTutorial

In this app i added some video lectures where you can watch it one by one. Just go to your all classes page. Then click on your desire class then watch and you can also get retailed classed with you selected subjects.

Project 3 – NaeemGame

Project 4 – NaeemPasswordGenerater

Project 5 – NaeemWatch


All of my projects designed in bootstrap 4 and developed with cordova.

Who this course is for:
  • Android App Development
  • Android App Design
  • Android

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