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A guide to learn Internet of Things from beginning level.

What you’ll learn

  • Students will develop a strong confidence on topic, “Internet of Things”
  • Understand the Different Application of “Internet of Things”.
  • Understand the Different Technology of “Internet of Things”.


    Do you want to Learn ” Internet of Things”? Do you want to Learn from the Beginning? You are at the Right Place. Here you understand all about the Internet of Things.

    Here we Discuss the Following Topics in this Course. The Course Contents are:

    • What is IoT
    • IoT Architecture
    • Idea: Move from Internet of People —> Internet of Things
    • Internet of Things – Evolution
    • Difference between M2M and IoT
    • IoT: People connecting with Things
    • IoT: Things connecting with Things
    • Unlocking the Massive potential of IoT
    • Looming Opportunity
    • IoT Applications
      • Intelligent Home
      • Smart Egg Tray
      • Smart Washing Machine
      • Smart Lighting
      • Smart A/C
      • Smart Sleep System
      • Smart Weather Station
      • Smart Slow Cooker
      • Smart Garbage Cans
      • Smart Gardening
      • Transportation
    • IoT Technologies
      • Implementing Smart Objects
      • Sensors and Actuators
      • Sensors available in Market
      • Communication Technology
      • Protocols
      • Cloud (Sensing as-a-service Model)
    • Challenges of IoT

      These Topics cover the all Knowledge in Beginning Level in Internet of Things.

    Who this course is for:

    • Engineers, Students and anybody who is interested to learn about Internet of Things.
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