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TPRS and CI course


This course is the perfect introduction to the German language.


You learn about the German language and skript itself.


You learn to introduce yourself


You learn the colors and numbers


You learn from dialoges and stories that use repetition and variation to give you the best possibility to remember the words.


You get the scripts to those stories both in German and English


You get color page of my “Interactive Picture Dictionary” which makes sure you use more then one sense to remember words.


You get links to additional input


And the ebst thing is that’s all for free!


Test for FREE if German is the language for you


Test for FREE if TPRS and CI are the methods for you


Test for FREE if I’m the right teacher for you


And if you’re really sure about it, then you can start with my complete Absolute Beginner Course while getting 25% off.


I use TPRS (total-physical-response and storytelling) as well as other CI-methods (comprehensible input). Therefore it’s just like watching fun and entertaining videos and playing games. Learning German will be something that happens naturally.


It’s important for me that German is fun with up-to-date and useful phrases. Therefore there aren’t any boring exersices where you need to fill out worksheets or memorize extremely formal sentences.


We focus on listening, comprehending and speaking, rather than reading, writing and grammar.


You will still ahve the chance to start reading and writing as we go along the course. It’s just not something I’m teaching.


In conclusion this course works for the whole family and even kids can follow (most) of the videos and lessons.


Who this course is for:

You want to test if German is “the language for you”?

You don’t like grammar

You want to learn with comprehensible Input

You want to learn German naturally

You like to listen to stories

Your focus is on understanding and talking rather then reading and writing

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