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In the course you will learn the basics of the German language and access interactive exercises


Learn with Chris: German Language Course for beginners is an interactive introductory course to the German language. Your teacher will be Chris Like (Christian Förster) born in Germany, coach, teacher, philologist and content designer.

In addition to video-lessons, you’ll gain access to many other materials and interactive exercises in which you can test your skills.

  • The course is intertwined with the story of Janek, a thirty-year-old who went to Germany for professional reasons. Following his fate you will learn the practical side of the German language. The acquired skills will support you when you want to work in Germany or get a well-paid job that requires knowledge of the German language.
  • Learning German in this course is based on practical application. You will learn German vocabulary, phrases, pronunciation and grammar rules. Numerous visualizations will help you understand the basics of the German language faster.
  • This German language course is not just about videos, but also a lot of materials on my webservice. You will gain access to numerous graphics, explanations and other content that will help you acquire the desired skills.
  • Learning German in this course is based on lectures, lessons and interactive exercises placed on an external website. Study one by one, according to the arrangement in Udemy. Thanks to this you will get the best results.

At the very beginning you will meet Janek and you will get basic information related to the Federal Republic of Germany. Then you will learn how to introduce yourself in German. You will also learn about the German alphabet and its phonetic version. In the following, I introduce you to the German grammar as personal pronouns and verbs.

In everyday situations it is also useful to know the days of the week. That is why you will learn the German days of the week and check how to use them in a sentence. Gradually, you’ll get to know Janek’s story, his new job and flat. I explain you nouns and their relationships with pronouns and verbs.

As part of the German course, you will also learn about Janek’s apartment, names of rooms and objects, and numerals up to 100. You will be able to ask about the street and react accordingly when paying in the store at the checkout. Mentioning the store, I will show you different types of stores, including a clothing shop. You will need German vocabulary related to clothing, as well as the ability to talk about time in the official and unofficial style.

Thanks to this German language course you will learn how to create sentences and how to use the present and past tense. While learning the days of the week you will notice that the present tense can also be used to express the future. At the end you’ll see Janek’s acquaintance and see what you can buy in a cafe.

When creating this course I paid attention to explain in a distinctive way using graphics and animations. I would like to make learning German a pleasure for you.

I wish you pleasant learning and great results! See you in the course!

Who this course is for:

  • people without German language skills
  • people who want to go to Germany and need a quick introduction to the language

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