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All you need to know to become a Grafana Pro in 2021 Without Wasting a Minute


In this course you’re going to learn about Latest Version of Grafana which is released in March 2021. This is also the latest version currently available in the market.


We will discuss in detail on below topics:


Grafana Introduction


Grafana Overview and Overall Architecture


Installing Grafana on a Linux Server


Installing Grafana on Windows


Starting, Stopping Grafana Services on Windows


Installing Grafana on Docker


Creating Grafana Dashboards


Grafana User Interface Overview


Installing and Managing InfluxDB Services


Installing and Managing Telegraf Services


Grafana Dashboard – Server Health Summary Dashboard


Graph Panel – CPU & Memory Utilization


Graph Panel – Multiple Servers & Problem Statement to use Grafana Variables


Custom Variable – Static Variable Values


Query Variable – Dynamic Variable Values


Dependent Varialbes – Cascaded Variables


Automatic Repeat Panel Based on Variable Value


Organizing Panels and Dashboards for Easy Management


Repeat Row to Create Dynamic Grafana “Summary Dashboard”


Fixing Y Axis’ Minimum and Maximum Value in Graph Panel


Creating Thresholds in Graph Visualizations


Python Program to Increase Memory Utilization for Testing Purpose


Creating Thresholds in Graph Visualization and StatsD Graphs


Advance Tabular Visualization With Gauge in one column


Advance Stat Visualization in Grafana 7


Exploring More Visualization Properties – Legends, Axis, Series Override


Creating Grafana Dashboard Using MySQL As Data Source


Using Custom SQL Query to Create Dashboard


Monitoring Websites and Docker Services


Monitoring Websites or URL Using Grafana


Monitor Docker Services


Installing Plugins


Installing Plugins and Creating Pie Chart Visualization


Creating Alerts and Annotation in Dashboards in Grafana


Grafana Email Alerts Configuration


Grafana and Telegram Integration and Alerts Configuration


Users and Roles Creation and Management in Grafana


User and Roles Creation in Grafana


Embedding Grafana Panel on Any Website


Embedding Grafana Panel in any HTML Page (Website)


Upgrading Grafana From Version 6 to Version 7 (Latest Version)


Optional – Upgrade Grafana From Version 6 to Version 7


Optional – Changing Grafana Database to MySQL




I am more than happy to create more detailed video on certain topics based on the requests coming from students. If you need more clarity on any of the topic please do write to me and I will be more than happy to create more detailed video on certain topics based on the requests coming from students.


Who this course is for:

Data Scientists

Business Intelligence Analysts

Business Intelligence Developers

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