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The Walking Blues Guitar Treble String Guide – Guitar Lessons for The Guitarist on Treble Strings – The Key of A


The Ultimate Beginners Guide For You To Play Walking Blues Melody on The Treble Strings of Your Acoustic or Electric Guitar


Companion Course to my Free Course “Walking Bass Blues for All Guitar Players Part I – FREE”


Learn to Play Chords and Patterns at the Same Time


Never Played Patterns or Melody or The Blues on Your Guitar Treble Strings Before?


Don’t worry.


There was a time when you did not play guitar chords. This is just as easy to learn as learning to play guitar chords.


These guitar lessons take you on a journey breaking down everything you need to know.


Each section builds on the previous one. This culminates in you playing 12 Bar Walking Blues Melody on the treble strings of your guitar.


All it takes on your behalf is to have fun learning and practising the basic guitar patterns.


These guitar lessons are presented in small manageable chunks. You will have Multi-angle Videos and pdf files in TAB for each pattern. Through a process of repetition you will build them up into a 12 Bar Blues Progression.


And by the time you finish you will have learned four 12 Bar Blues Guitar Melodies.




The Aim of This Course of Guitar Lessons?


To enable anyone to Play 12 Bar Walking Blues Melodies on guitar (acoustic or electric) using the treble strings




Throughout the videos I will share “nuggets of gold” – many tips, tricks and techniques which I have gained from over 30 years experience of being a guitarist. These are all designed to help you on your musical journey of mastery of the guitar.


Who this course is for:

It is perfect for All Beginners of Guitar – Electric or Acoustic

Ideal for Guitarists who want to master a new skill

Great for Anyone with a guitar seeking to easily spice up their playing by adding Blues Patterns to their guitar Playing

Perfect for Anyone who has taken my FREE Companion Course – Walking Bass Blues for All Guitar Players Part I

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