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In This Course, We Will Show You How To Create And Generate A Collection Of NFTs And Sell Your Tokens On Opensea To Earn Money In Online Cryptocurrencies.

More in Detail, You Will Learn:

  • How to Create NFTs Collections using a code project without Knowing How to Program

  • How to Use a Smart Contract to Upload your NFTs to OpenSea and Save Big on Gas Costs

  • How to Prepare Your Collection, Social Networks and Website so that your Project has value for your potential buyers.

  • How to Make Money Online Selling Your NFTs

  • How to Promote and Sell your NFTs for free

  • How to Promote and Sell your NFTs with Payment Methods

  • More Updates Coming with a Second Project on the blockchain

The World of NFTs and the Blockchain is growing exponentially. Opensea is the largest online NFT marketplace to date.

In this course we show you how to create collections of NFTs as a new form of business to obtain passive income in cryptocurrencies while working online with your personal computer.

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