Create an HTML5 Game from scratch using JavaScript to draw on canvas apply animations and interaction with keyboard


Explore how you can create a quick simple game using JavaScript and HTML5 canvas element

Learn coding with FUN interactive game development – See what you can build in less than 1 hour with JavaScript!!!

Course covers all the core functions needed in a game

  • Basics of drawing on HTML5 canvas
  • How to create and track key presses
  • Setting basic game objects to manipulate and move on screen
  • Planning and game concepts
  • Adding second player and creating interaction
  • How to setup collision detection of two objects in canvas
  • How to add a bouncing ball on screen within HTML5 canvas
  • How to create smooth animations with JavaScript request animation frame object
  • Game review and how to make tweaks and adjustments

Source code is included so you can build your own version of the game as you go through the lessons

Quick straight to the point instruction by professional developer with over 19 years of experience – ready to help you learn and answer any questions you may have.

Who this course is for:

  • JavaScript developers
  • Anyone who wants to create a fun simple game online
  • HTML5 game developers
  • Anyone who is starting out with game development

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