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Food Photography basics, Light and Airy vs Dark and Moody, Composition, Lighting effects, Props and Styling

What you’ll learn

  • How to take appetizing and professional looking Photos of your food
  • Technical knowledge about food photography
  • What are recommended props for food photography
  • Food styling techniques
  • How to edit or enhance food photo
  • How to use the lighting techniques
  • Composition techniques and actual demonstrations


    What you will get out of this course?

    -How to do food photography using any camera including smart phones?

    -What type of lighting to use and its effects on food photos?

    -How to set up light and DIY accessories to create a balanced looking scene?

    -How to style your food?

    -Composition techniques that will change the way you take photos(if you actually do them)

    -How to edit and enhance your food photos?

    -How to export photos for different platforms such as facebook, intagram, website and blogs?

    -How to use your smart phone for food photography?

    BONUS: How to shoot light and airy as well as dark and moody food photography?


    • You’ll get a simple step-by-step instructions on how to shoot Food Photography without expensive gear or technical skills
    • You’ll get specific examples and ideas how to shoot a photo
    • You’ll get MP3 Audios (to listen to the course on-the go)
    • You’ll get Downloadable PDF’s
    • Easy to implement video (in bite-size chunks)
    • Full Life time access to on demand videos
    • Premium Support from your instructor (Receive answers and feedback within 24 hours)
    • You’ll get 100% money back Guarantee
    • and many more!


    Who this course is for:

    • Complete Beginner curious about DIY Food Photography
    • Anyone who wants to shoot professional photo at home or restaurants
    • Beginner Food blogger
    • Anyone who wants to be a food photographer
    • Anyone starting an Online Food business
    • Anyone who wants to improve their Social Media Food Photos
    • Anyone who dont have technical knowledge using camera or lights
    • This is not about Expensive gear and high end studios
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