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Publishing a book is a GAME-CHANGER for your credibility, reputation and brand – not to mention a dream-come-true for many.


You get to contribute to the body of knowledge in your industry, entertain, educate and inspire others with your stories, and get to help people all over the world at the same time.


The second you become a PUBLISHED AUTHOR, is the second that your name, your business, your brand (and your sense of pride and achievement) elevate to a new level.


In this course, 14-times self-published international number 1 best-selling author Sarah Cordiner, will show you the exact steps for writing and publishing your own non-fiction book in print or eBook and Amazon / KDP.


You will walk through the entire process of creation, to pressing the big ‘publish’ button on Amazon and major bookstores, getting your books in libraries and the best bit – holding a real hard copy in your hands by the time you finish this course!


This online course will cover:


  • How to structure your book
  • How to draft your book outline
  • How to write your book
  • How I wrote my first book in 72 hours
  • How to format your book
  • How to get your content into the right template for publishing (downloadable templates included in the course)
  • How to edit your book
  • How to manage the internal design process
  • How to design your book covers for print and Kindle
  • How to get your ISBN and barcodes so that you can be your own independent publisher and bookstores and libraries can find you
  • How to get your book listed in the National Library database
  • How to Save your files ready for the publishing process
  • How to set up your KDP account and upload your book files ready for publishing
  • How to set up and upload your files to Amazon ready to be published on Amazon in Kindle and Print versions
  • How to print your hard copies of your book
  • Press ‘publish’ and become a published author on Amazon and associated major book distributors
  • Tips for your launch and pre-sales
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • How to create and publish a children’s book on Amazon


**Please note that this course does NOT teach the following**:


We do not teach how to draw, paint or personally create illustrations yourself – this is not an art course, it’s a publishing course. However, we do teach you how to find illustrators to do your artwork for you and how to add images to a picture book.


We do not teach you how to write a fiction story, nor how to create characters and plot lines – this is a non-fiction writing course. However, we do teach you how to create a basic story-board for your illustrator.