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Learn advanced vocabulary, collocations and ideas to improve your IELTS speaking score (and writing) to 7 and above

What you’ll learn

  • English vocabulary and collocations for 75 crucial IELTS topics
  • Super useful structures and phrases for every topic
  • IELTS speaking test tips (Band 7 and above)
  • Useful ideas and sample answers for 75 different IELTS topics

What you’ll learn

  • English vocabulary and collocations for 75 crucial IELTS topics
  • Super useful structures and phrases for every topic
  • IELTS speaking test tips (Band 7 and above)
  • Useful ideas and sample answers for 75 different IELTS topics


This course includes:
  • 3.5 hours on-demand video
  • 54 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


Vocab Course Description

This is the ultimate vocabulary course for the IELTS speaking and writing, designed specifically for English learners who are eager to become advanced speakers and aim for 7 and above in IELTS speaking.

Using topic-related vocabulary is an important element of speaking and writing in the IELTS exam; The problem is that in IELTS speaking test the examiner might ask you questions about any topic, So:

where can you find a complete resource that provides you with topic-related words ans structures?

In this IELTS vocabulary course you will have access to 75 lectures with the most common topics in IELTS exam.

For each topic, there will be a small lecture, where I talk about the topic (for example travelling) with related vocabulary and collocations. The ideas are also useful for those who struggle with finding good ideas in the speaking part of IELTS exam.

At the end of each lecture, we will go through all the structures, words and collocation which were used in the answers.

Each lecture has a PDF of the presentation and the audio file, so it’s possible for you to listen and learn while working or driving.

Some topics of the course:

Free time activities, life, childhood, Health, illness, travelling, tourism, language learning, history, language learning, space, agriculture, flats and accommodation, transportation, buildings, life on other planets, school time, free time, siblings, universities, health, animals, puncuality, energy conservation, music, films, social networking sites, art, personality, advertisement, neighbourhood, natural disasters, sports, trees and plants, animal rights, government, culture, traditions, shopping, science, city life, communities, hometowns, weather, career, sleep, globalization, climate change, recycling, city life or country life, smartphones and tablets, technology, and so on…

In this course I’ve used the words and collocations from most well-known and reliable vocabulary books available in the market:

  • Destination B2
  • Destination C1C2
  • IELTS actual test sample answers
  • Vocabulary for IELTS
  • Vocabulary for IELTS advanced
  • Collocations in use (intermediate and advanced)
  • Oxford word skills
  • 1000 collocations in 10 minutes a day
  • And so on..

The importance of IELTS speaking

IELTS test is an important and well-known examination for immigrants or those who want to get more qualifications in ther CVs. IELTS speaking is considered one of the most challenging parts of it, since they might ask you question for any topic and no matter how serious you are in your ielts preparation, there’s a chance that your IELTS speaking topics would be completely new for you.

In the speaking part of the IELTS exam there are 3 different parts:

  • IELTS speaking part 1
  • IELTS speaking part 2
  • IELTS speaking part 3

In part 1 of the speaking test they will ask you personal questions about anything related to yourself, that’s why they call IELTS speaking part 1 the interview of the exam.

In part 2 of the speaking, there will be a card in front of you, which has some questions on it. The IELTS candidates have 1 minute to prepare some ideas and answerd for the questions and then they should talk about that topic for 2 minutes. IELTS speaking part 2 is often called the long turn. In this part you have a golden opportunity to show that you’ve learned dozens of ielts speaking vocabulary and also think about some grammard forms and structures to use in your speaking and improve your IELTS speaking score.

In part 3 of the speaking, the examiner will ask you more serious questions. The theme or the topic is often related to part 2 card.

IELTS speaking part 3 is often considered as the most challenging part of the speaking test. But why?

If you just take a look at ielts speaking test samples with answers you’ll see that most questions are general and require the candidate to brainstorm some ideas and develop them. The problem is that there’s no time to think or prepare answers in this part of the IELTS test. So this was the IELTS speaking test format.

Using vocabulary for ielts speaking is very important, because the examiner wants to see how skilled you are in this area. Of course this is not just for the speaking part. You should also focus on IELTS vocabulary for writing too.

You can just do an IELTS sample test or check out ielts speaking test samples with answers to see what words and collocations they use in order to achieve band 7 or 8 in this part of the test.

In this course I will teach you numerous vocabulary for ielts. These English structures and English collocations are all topic-related. In each lecture there’s a great list of words for that.

In the IELTS speaking tips of the lectures, I used IELTS speaking topics 2020, 2019 with great answers which are very useful for your exam; If you want to improve your score, there’s nothing better than learning English collocations for IELTS speaking test.

It’s a good idea to prepare yourself for IELTS online, as it is the most convenient way. Learning IELTS vocabulary for speaking and writing is of great importance. So we will help you get that in this course.

Who this course is for:
  • language learners with great determination for band 7+ in IELTS speaking
  • those preparing for any other English Exam (FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL, PTE, etc)

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