Learn to know how to create simple applications in Python 3 using tkinter and also the Jupyter iPython Notebook


  • A Basic Knowledge in Python

This course will be helpful for you if you’re a Python intermediate who know about Lists, dictionary in Python and trying to learn to develop something in Python 3. In this course, You’ll learn about the tkinter module available in Python and develop simple GUI using it.

After completing this course, You’ll be able to

1. Write iPython notebook scripts

2. Describe what is a GUI and create the same

3. Describe what are modules, functions, objects and methods (Prior knowledge is appreciated for this course)

4. Create simple applications using tkinter module in Python

5. Handle CSV Files (Read/Write) in Python

and so on.

Let’s not write much. I’ll see you there in my course.

Image source: Real Python

Who this course is for:
  • Python Beginners

Course content
3 sections • 8 lectures • 1h 58m total length
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