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Learn stock market day trading from begging to advance level with technical analysis


In this course you will learn Basics to advance level of Stock market in a practical manner ,when I was a beginner in the stock market I have read many books but it doesn’t bring much change in my trading


Then I took many course on technical analysis and I wasted some of my trading periods


After all these I started trading on my own strategies and made my own rules in trading .if you are a beginner or experienced no matter both can learn stock market in a easy and practical way and will be able to analyze chart patterns on your own and helps you in making consistent profits from stock market .


After completion of this you will avoid calls for your trading you analyze and you trade on your own


In this course you will learn


what and why is stock market


what is stock exchange


what is index


what is technical and fundamental analysis


who are market participants


types of markets


short selling


and also you will come to know how to use demat account


candlesticks patterns


chart patterns






I guarantee that you will enjoy this course and practice all the important things


In this I have also provided basics of stock market hand book from Bulls Awesome


Who this course is for:

beginner investors in stock market

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