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In this course, I will draw a picture from a photograph while describing my approach in detail. I believe that regardless of the medium or subject you want to draw, there are three key principles that should be mastered first:

1. Proportion – Identifying the relative sizes and position of the main features in your picture is key to having an accurate drawing. By marking out on your page roughly where the main features will go, it will help you make a plan of what to draw and where to start from.

2. Angle – Angles help convey the perspective of the picture. By accurately drawing the angles of the main features you can convey a strong sense of depth.

3. Tone – Using light, dark and shades in between is essential for creating a sense of space and volume within the picture. How light falls on the objects within the picture tells you about the kind of space you are in. With my method I will show you how to divide the picture into 5 grades of tone and how to shade them to create a sense of space and volume.

After mastering these three principles, one can learn how to draw or paint with other mediums and learn to appreciate their differences. In this course I will teach you using charcoal as I think it is ideal for practising the three principles without worrying about color. Charcoal also has the advantage that you can shade large areas quickly, and you can erase it with tissue paper or putty rubber.

I am passionate about teaching and will be happy to receive your pictures and give you feedback and encouragement!

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