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Don’t learn Japanese the impossible way. Go through this lesson and learn the manageable, doable way of learning Japanese. Learn how to learn. Don’t waste your own time and be methodical, sign up for this free course now.

Resources from lectures are on the 4 Friends Nihongo website

4 Friends Bio

We are a multicultural group of learners and teachers dedicated to mastering the Japanese language.


The 4 Friends Nihongo website is the result of a coincidental yet likely encounter at a coffee shop. We stepped into the shop as strangers and came out as friends. After many weekly meetings, we decided to create this website. Such success was made by our perseverance and passion for learning. Certainly, the nature of our efforts can be defined as 縁「えん」.

Since the path of the non-native Japanese speaker is rarely walked, 4 Friends Nihongo believes that by increasing your daily language application, you will become confident in your abilities to make new friends.


Our mission is to help non-native Japanese learners prepare for their real life application of the language.


The 4 Friends Nihongo site facilitates learning by offering practical blog content, fun mnemonics, and exclusive vocabulary tools.

Photo by Marianna OLE

Who this course is for:

  • Japanese learners
  • JSL learners
  • JLPT students

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