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Beginners Guide for Day Trading & Long Term Investment in Stock Market : Indian & Foreign : Shares & Mutual Fund

What you’ll learn

  • Comprehensive Knowledge of Stocks , Mutual Funds along with the overview of tools to Analyse them
  • Importance of Goals and How to meet them through wealth Creation by Investing in Stock Market
  • Risk Management and Asset Allocation
  • How to Choose Stocks and Mutual Funds
  • 8th Wonder of World – ‘Compound Interest’ & Wealth Creation
  • Mistakes to Avoid in Stock Market – Lessons learnt while Investing


  • Learn the basic fundamental and Technical concept of stocks and Mutual Funds.
  • The Importance of Goals , Risk Management , Asset Allocation and Power of Compounding.
  • How an equity investment in stock market or mutual fund generate a passive income.
  • Mistakes to avoid stock market and how to beat the market with special reference to Indian Stock Market.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who don’t know about A,B,C of stock market, Mutual Funds and other financial tools.
  • Those who want to create wealth through investment in Stock Market .

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