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Learn the Basics of Node.js, asynchronous JavaScript, Express, API Development, MongoDB Driver, Sending Emails and more.

What you’ll learn

  • اساسيات NodeJS
  • Event Loop
  • Asynchronous JavaScript and Promises.
  • Express
  • تطوير API
  • MongoDB Driver
  • ارسال E-mails
  • نظام تسجيل الدخول والسماح
  • نظام السجل
  • مراجعة واختبار صحة بيانات المستخدم
  • عمل توثيق كامل للمشرع [Documentation]
  • Description

    Learn the Basics of Node.js, asynchronous JavaScript and promises, Node.js core modules, Node package manager basics, Express, API Development, MongoDB Driver, Sending Emails, Data Validation, Logging system, Password Hashing, Authentication and Authorization system, User Verification, Pagination and Using Environmental Variables.

    This course is designed for anyone curious about web development with JavaScript.

    You will learn a lot of important concepts about Node.js:-

    – NodeJS basics.

    – Event Loop.

    – Loop Tick.

    – NodeJS core modules.

    – Node package manager.

    – Asynchronous JavaScript and Promises.

    – How to develop full API

    – Documentation

    Who this course is for:

    • كل من يرغب في تعلم تطوير الويب واتقان مهاراته

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