Get to know the most hot programming language for machine learning and data science from scratch.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn about R Basics and Setting Up
  • Learn about Basic Syntax and Data Types
  • Acquire knowledge about Variables, Constants and Vectors
  • Learn about Operators and Statements
  • Gain knowledge about List and Arrays

Hello and welcome to this course which is designated for beginners and advanced r programmer, where you are going to learn R programming from scratch to advance. R programming is one of the most popular language for Machine Learning and Data Science. And if you want to be a R programer then this course is for you. On this course I’ll be assuming no prior knowledge of R programming or any programming language. You do not need to be a programmer, or you do not need to know any programming language. You just need to have an interest in programming in R. On the course you’ll be learning R programming Basics, Some of the advanced R programming concepts and along the way you’ll be applying your new skills practically.

Who this course is for:
  • Learners who want to know about emerging R language.

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