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Learn Tableau from scratch, create rich visualization and clear the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification

What you’ll learn

  • Tableau from scratch to ace the Tableau Desktop Specialist exam with the two included full-length practice tests along with additional hands-on and theoretical quizzes. With detailed explanations of Practice Tests solutions.
  • Basic Tableau Concepts – Dimensions and measures, Discrete and continuous fields, Aggregation and Granularity
  • Create Basic charts – Bar chart, Line chart, scatterplot, combined axis chart, dual axis chart, map using geographic data, crosstab, highlight table
  • Join, Blend and Union
  • Live and Extract data connection
  • Hierarchies, Groups, Sets
  • Reference line and trend line
  • Filtering and Sorting
  • Table Calculations
  • Bins and histogram
  • Calculated fields
  • Parameters
  • Dashboard and dashboard actions
  • Story and how to format the stories


This course is designed by considering the fact that you are an absolute beginner, and I will teach you even the most basic concepts in Tableau from scratch so that after completing this course you would be able to create the rich visualizations easily and confidently.

It will help you to prepare and clear your Tableau Desktop Specialist exam. In this course, you will find practice tests which are designed by keeping current exam format in mind, you will find similar kind of questions in the exam. We will also show you how to solve the questions in the faster way and all the detailed solutions are provided for the hands-on questions.

Detailed tutorials covering the Specialist topic areas:

  • Connecting to & Preparing Data
  • Exploring & Analyzing Data
  • Sharing Insights
  • Understanding Tableau Concepts

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Tableau and clear the Tableau Desktop Specialist exam

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