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Build and Program Database driven projects


Data driven applications are applications that saves data to and retrieves data from the database.We interact with data apps daily from Facebook,Instagram,emails and even our bank accounts.


In this beginners course we are going to create projects that will save data into databases.


We will be using C# an object-oriented language designed by Microsoft and used by systems engineers, desktop programmers, and mobile app developers the world over.

Also Microsoft SQL Server will be used as our database for storing and retrieving data.


This course is suitable for anyone who has basic knowledge of C# and SQL server .


You will learn:


How to download visual studio


How to install visual studio


How to download Microsoft SQL Server


How to install Microsoft SQL Server


How to create a database


How to design a form with dataset


How to create new C# project in visual studio


How to add controls to a form


How to customise controls on a form


How to run your application.




By the end of this course you should be able to create your own database driven projects using visual studio and SQL Server

Who this course is for:

Beginner SQL Developers

Beginners to C#

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