This course provides an in-depth understanding of various topics around CICD for you to develop efficient pipelines for their projects. The course starts with basics about CICD and then covers topics that are needed for typical industrial applications. Many of the jobs explained here can be simply copy-pasted to your projects to serve the purpose, for other jobs you will be expert enough to implement them yourself with the understanding of various concepts for creating jobs. The related code will be available for your reference.

     Industrial examples are covered so that you will get an introduction to typical CICD jobs and their relevance in making projects stable and deployments or delivery fast. You should try out these examples in order to truly master it.

      My policy is to make things simple and always have simple examples on each topic for a quick understanding of the concept and then build on top of it as we progress. CICD is a blessing when it comes to ensuring code stability, I will be covering how to set up tests such that this code stability is achieved. There are a lot of videos on YouTube as well on topics covered here, but most likely you will be on top of it by the time you have gone through this tutorial.

     Every developer should master CICD, not only DevOps engineers so that everyone can contribute to code stability, quality of code, automating any repetitive jobs, and delivering in an agile fashion. There is a learning curve involved in understanding how to set up decent CICD for a complex project and this tutorial is intended to make this learning easier. Learn the best practices and apply them in your projects, it will help your organization and yourself in moving to the next level of development and delivery.

      For further exploration of features, you can refer to the official documentation of GitLab. I will be covering how I typically start implementing a new challenging CICD job, avoiding complicated scripts as complicated jobs are hard to read and hard in maintaining as well, eventually leading to the removal of that job, wasting time and effort. Simple jobs are the key to maintainable configuration files.

     Towards the end of tutorial, there is a case study of Yolov3 based face detection in GitLab with CICD. It will help in understanding real world CICD requirements.

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