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Master Microsoft Azure DevOps From Scratch – Automate App Lifecycle

Create, manage & deploy an application just form the VS code (IDE) with fully automated CI/CD using Azure DevOPs

This course is for anyone willing to learn about DevOps and Azure DevOps. DevOps is a culture to facilitate the software development lifecycle whereas Azure DevOps is a SaaS based product from Microsoft to facilitate the same.

Using Microsoft Azure DevOps, the lifecycle of product can be made very easy without much prior knowledge of specific tools like kubernetes, docker, servers etc. A developer can begin to learn Azure DevOps and get his application up and running in couple of hours.

This course is from scratch, anyone having basic programming experience can start learning it and deploy their web application using Azure DevOps with just few clicks just from the IDE like VS code. You will learn end to end creation and deployment of application.

Following are things one can learn by this course:

  • What is DevOps

  • What is Microsoft Azure DevOps

  • Create Azure DevOps organization and project

  • Learn & create work-items in boards using basic work flow

  • Learn about Queries

  • Learn about Azure repository

  • Integrate Github repository in Azure repository

  • Learn about Pipelines & Releases

  • Create Azure resources like web app and deploy the application using Pipelines

  • Manage codebase using commit, merge, pull-request, branches etc.

  • Create a Python-Flask project using DevOps-Starter Resource

  • Code & deploy application from IDE (VS code) with few clicks in fully automated CI/CD

  • Learn about Test Plans

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