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Become a Master in Data Analytics using Excel

What you’ll learn

  • Gain Microsoft Excel Mastery for Data Analysis
  • Navigate, Format and Manage Data in Excel’s Workbook and Worksheets
  • Understand the use of basic Formulas and Functions
  • Advanced Formulas and Functions
  • Conditional Analysis and Mathematical Operations
  • Financial and Statistical Analysis
  • Use of all Matching and Lookup Formulas
  • Make Excel’s Formulas Error-free

This course aims to provide the student with the requisite knowledge to master Microsoft Excel for data analysis in all areas. Thus, you will be able to enter and edit worksheet data, perform basic worksheet operations, format the worksheets, and even customize the Excel’s user interface.

The course provides great insight into using Excel for performing mathematical operations, manipulating texts, working with dates and time, using matching and lookup formulas, performing conditional, financial, and statistical analysis. You will learn how to use advanced formulas and functions for working with the above operations and also make your work in Excel error-free.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners and Intermediate Users of Excel
  • Students who wish to master Microsoft Excel for data analysis

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