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If you are new to Power BI or you have been using Power BI before now and you just want to increase your knowledge about effective, interactive, and dynamic clean dashboards you are at the right place.

After learning with us we will teach you how to create your free portfolio to showcase your work to prospective employers across the world.

This course is fully a project base course built to help you create an outstanding dashboard.

After taking this course you will never create a basic Power BI dashboard again.


Skills in data analysis, reporting and the creation of easy-to-use dashboards are HIGHLY valued in today’s business environment. Microsoft Power BI is now recognized as the leading Business Intelligence tool in the world for the development of interactive and dynamic reports, data analysis, and effective dashboards.

Join today and get immediate, lifetime access to the followings:

. Datasets for practice

. Downloadable Power BI project files

. Update of more new dashboard templates

. 1-on-1 expert support

. Course Q&A forum

As earlier said this course is a project-based course and you are going to play the role of a Lead Business Intelligence Analyst. In the course, you are going to work with different companies like sales and non-financial companies.

Get into the course and see how to play the role of an Analyst.

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