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Learn the core concepts of Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors and how to build circuits with them


Hey there! Welcome to my ‘MOSFET Crash course’. In this course, The core concepts of MOSFETs like their construction, working and applications will be dealt.


After studying this course, you’ll be able to


1. Design logic circuits using CMOS Logic.


2. Design a MOSFET Amplifier using any one of the three combinations (CS, CG, CD)


3. Use MOSFETs as electronic switches.


4. Understand the difference between BJT and FET


5. Understand the different types of FET and MOSFET


6. Know the formation of different logic gates using PMOS and NMOS.


7. Know how to use TinkerCAD, A circuit simulation tool.


8. Use MOSFET to control electronic components like LEDs


9. Understand the terminologies like Power Consumption, Fan In, Transconductance etc.




MOSFETS are widely used in industries. Some of the major applications of MOSFETS are:




1. MOSFET is used for switching and amplifying electronics signals in the electronic devices.


2. It is used as an inverter.


3. It can be used in digital circuits.


4. MOSFET can be used as a high frequency amplifier.


5. It can be used as a passive element e.g. resistor, capacitor and inductor.


6. It can be used in brushless DC motor drive.


7. It can be used in electronic DC relay.


8. It is used in switch mode power supply (SMPS).


Who this course is for:

Beginner Electronics, CS and Electrical Aspirants

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