Complete Package to Learn Nano Technology; NanoMaterials, NanoSensors, Application, Simulation, Fabrication, NanoDegrees




If you are considering this course to enroll, you most probably have heard or seen about potentials of NanoTechnology and you are curious to learn more. “Nano” and “NanoTechnology” are the terms we are hearing more and more frequently as time goes. One day we see two buckets full of mud are thrown onto two guys while one of them wearing ever-clean nano-based shirt! What happens then is a funny scene but also quite impressive and inspiring, in which how Technology of Nano’s would lead to dreamy inventions. The other day, scientist report they have developed new organisms which can take carbon dioxide and nitrogen from the atmosphere and use it to produce plastics and fuels. Wow, is it real??!!


The list of breakthrough inventions and extraordinary solutions could continue for thousands of pages and surprisingly it sounds Nanotechnology to have a finger in every pie, from energy harvesting and environmental issues to nano-medicine and biology, and almost all branches of engineering, and many more. Even two Nobel prizes have been allocated to NanoScale breakthroughs in recent years. Physics Nobel prize of 2010 for invention of Graphene and Nobel prize in Chemistry 2016 for production of molecular machines and robots.


But, how is it even possible? What makes Nanotechnology so enabling that even socks company boast to implement it in their products and some others make science-fiction stories out of it like building earth-to-sky elevator by mean of Carbon nanotubes?!


I bet, you’ve got passionate to start discovering Nnano-World as I was years ago. I’m Milad Zoghi, Nanotechnologist and the author of the book “NanoTehcnology in Plain Language”. After years of study and research in Nano-Electronics and publishing credible journals and my book, I decided to design this course to answer all above questions. I have designed this course to be thorough package for anyone who want to learn about Nanotechnology. What its is, how does it work and why you should care of it?




By taking this course you’ll go through:


Section1: Introduction


This section has been designed to transfer you the right vision about NanoTehcnology (NT) and Nanoworld. What’s the definition of NT? How does it work? When we say Nano’s what does it refer to? How much Nano-Scale is small? Do Nano’s exist in the nature? What about history of NT? When this term has appeared? These questions are answered in section 1. By the end of section, you’ll have overall perception of ups and downs of NT, about benefits, products, application and potentials of NT in coming years and decades. To give you best learning experience, variety of animation/video resources and high-quality photos are provided to you.




Section2: What makes Nanotechnology so special?


In this section, you’ll learn about what makes NT so enabling technology? What gives the power to Nanotechnologists to build systems and products with extraordinary features? We’ll discover Nano-World in more details, and you’ll learn why “There is plenty of room at the bottom”, the famous quote of Richard Feynman, father of NT. I’ll briefly but adequately discuss about: the implication of quantum mechanic at the Nano level, about high surface area of Nano species, which with some other facts gives NT the uniqueness than no other technology has!




Section3: NanoMaterials


It’s a fair analogy to say that NanoWorld is like a zoo, where anything with dimensions between 1 to 100 nm counted as the animals of this zoo! From nano-particles like Quantum Dots to Nanowires and Nanotubes and even Nanosheets like Graphene. We can not claim we know about NT without learning about NanoMaterilas. That’s what you learn in section 3. You will learn about most known Nanomaterilas: Quantum Dots, Carbon based Nanos (Graphene, Graphene Nanoribbons, Carbon Nanotubes, Buckballs like C60) and also Nano-Composites | Polymers | Fibers | Coating. I bet you’ll be impressed once you learn about fascinating properties of such Nanomaterials that could be used in game-changing products and solutions.




Section 4: How do we see at NanoScale?


We cannot talk much about Nano’s, unless we are able to see them, or at least measure their behavior and characterize them. As an analogy, consider the time, human didn’t have any microscope to see more details of objects and go beyond what our naked eyes can observe. Then there was no knowledge and discussion about microorganisms like cells, bacteria, right? That’s the importance of NT toolkit. And in this section, I’ll introduce you the most common and practical measurement equipment’s at the Nano-scale. You will learn how Microscopy and Spectroscopy instruments help scientist to not only observe Nano’s but also manipulate matter atom by atom, by mean of extremely sharp probes. You’ll have lots of fun to learn how these amazing systems work and what they are capable of doing!




Section 5: How Nano’s are built?


Talking about potentials of NT is much easier than fabricating Nano-based systems! NT is at its early stages, but yet, scientist have developed impressing techniques to build Nanostructures, sensors, devices and even Nano-Scale integrated circuits. In this section, we satisfy our sense of curiosity about how Nano’s can be controlled and manipulated atom by atom. I’ll teach you about several top-down lithography methods and also bottom-up vapor deposition and self-assembly techniques.




Section 6: Some Topics and Issues in NanoTechnology


NT involves broad spectrum of applications and influences many sectors of human life. In this scheme, there are serious concern about using NT, like the environmental/health safety and risk related to using NanoParticles, which is almost unknown to date! This section covers such topics which reflects another light on our understanding about NT.




But don’t get me wrong, this course is not just monolog lectures!!! I always like to provide easy-to-follow, simple-to-understand and engaging contents for my audience. I’d love to see my students having fun by having best learning experience. In this course, I have compacted all you need to know about NT to get started, in plain language and with high-quality lecture videos and graphics. But besides that, following my attitude to give you best learning experience, You’ll also get:




PDF Summary Files:


You will have access to the summary files of my book, so you can study and review the course content at your convenient.


External Resources for study and Moving Forward:


I will provide you bunch of external intuitive resources and quizzes. From animations, images, and other graphic resources to magazines, articles, and websites and blogs to learn more about NT.


Nanostructures Simulation:


I also have allocated a simulation part for this course. That’s the part you can run simulator for Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes and touch the feeling of how Nano-Systems work. I’ll show how you can convert a metallic structure to semiconducting material be mean of defect. This way you’ll get much better sense of how manipulation at the atomic level would result in huge impacts at the macro level.


Right Vision Facebook Community:


By taking this course you’ll have access to exclusive FB community of right vision, where you can get extra support and help, get your questions answered and be informed of the latest Nano achievement and opportunities.




At the end of the course, I’ll give my best hint and suggestions if you want to become Nano-Pioneer in your profession or follow a Nano-Program. By the end of this course, I 100% guarantee, you’ll have authentic perception and knowledge of the future revolutionary force, NT.



There is no RISK!


This course comes with a full 30-day money-back guarantee, which means that if you are not happy after your purchase, you can get a 100% refund no question. There is absolutely no risk! Every second you wait is costing you valuable leads and sales.




So, what are you waiting for!?


Let’s start the fascinating journey through NanoWorld. Enroll right now and I pick you up in the course ?


Who this course is for:

Everyone that wants to learn about Nanotechnology;

Everyone who is curious to know: How Nanotechnology works, What makes this technology unique and How your life or profession would be influenced by NT

Students who are thinking to discover more of Nanotechnology and understand Nano’s atmosphere

Whoever needs to learn fundamentals of Nanotechnology and get started with Nano-Programs or Nano-Researches

Every pioneer who aim to grasp insightful vision of Nanotechnology to be able to come up with Nano-ideas and implement Nano products and solutions in their business, services or expertise

Everyone interested in knowing about Nanostructures (Nanotubes, Nanowires, NanoParticles) and also extraordinary nanomaterials like Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes, Quantum Dots, Buckyballs, Thin film and…

Whoever wants to learn how Nanotechnologists observe and manipulate at the atomic scale and what’s the power of Nanotechnology that enable them to invent super cool products like self-cleaning ever-dry textiles!

Whoever passionate to know about potential solutions and applications of Nanotechnology in different sectors of human life. From energy harvesting, addressing climate change to drug delivery, nanoelectronics and many more…

Whoever interested in Nano related topics such as: Nano-Engineering, Nano-Medicine, Nano-Robots, Nano-Products, Nano-Economy, Nano-Fabrication, Nano-Toolkits, Nano-Concerns, Nano-Simulation, and Nano-Study/Jobs

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