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Piano by Ear – Piano lessons for Piano and Keyboard is an online piano course, designed to get you straight on your way to playing your favorite songs right from the beginning.


Learn piano the efficient way


You’ve always wanted to play piano or keyboard, but you were afraid of endless lessons of music theory ? You think you need to read music fast ? Develop a perfect sight-reading ? Or learn to read sheet music first ? I know this feeling, having found it in several people around me, and some of my students. But, learning the piano is much easier than what you think, if you have the right method. Music is just a language whose basic structure you need to know, and piano is one of the many tools to speak it. We’ll see all that together, in this easy-to-access piano or keyboard course that I’ve decided to put together to get you started.

Anyone can learn piano or learn keyboard. Whether you’re into Pop, Blues piano, jazz piano, Worship piano, Ragtime, Gospel piano, Rock, Reggae, Classical, Improvisation, you’ll find what you need. The content provided will allow you to acquire the essentials of the basics to give you a key overview, in preparation for your path from beginner to intermediate or advanced, as well as ear training.


You will discover :


How to learn piano easily, and progress quickly, thanks to :

·  An easy-to-understand structure

·  A shortcut approach to learning the instrument i.e. Piano chords, and

·  A fingering adapted to each step


You will learn :


·  the reference points to have right from the beginning, to find your way quickly on the piano

·  how to work on the fluidity of your movements in a simple and effective way

·  the link between the notes of a piece in general

·  the type of chords to master in order to progress quickly on the piano

·  how to work on these chords in a simple and effective way, and

·  a popular and easy piece to get you started on the right foot, without reading sheet music


Who should take this course ?


Wondering if there are any special pre-course requirements to learn all of this ? Well, no : no specific prerequisites are necessary. Your motivation will be more than enough, whether you fall in one or more of these categories or not :


·  Beginner Level piano players

·  Musicians in general

·  Curious guitarists

·  Singers or Vocalists


So… ?


Hope to chat with you very soon in the course,


Musically yours,



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