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Start your business with minimum capital or no capital – Practical lessons from a CEO/ Business consultant


This course is very carefully designed for you If you want to start your own business, be it a tech startup, an online business, a micro-home-based business or a proper setup.


It includes all the main content you require to start your own business. It covers all important aspects you shall consider and helps you address challenges and make you decide many important decisions you need to make. i.e. how to price your products, which marketing platforms to use and so on.


This course will also guide you on how to find out what your skills is and how to monetize it.


This course is designed for those who have an IDEA, a passion or a skill set and want to monetize it.


Course content includes the following ;


Benefits of your own work


Finding your business idea(skill/passion)


Converting your idea into a business




SWOT analysis


Pestel analysis


How to start with minimum capital


Financial model and feasibility


Bookkeeping and accounting


Profit and loss


Product costing


Pricing your product


Preparing accounts


External and internal audit


Select name and branding


Strategy and Marketing


Digital Media strategy


Which platforms to use


Connecting to the Right platforms


Human resource


Improving productivity


Employee motivation




Summarizing the course




I believe we need more businesses, which provide solutions to make the world a better place.




Happy learning.




Who this course is for:

Business owners



Home makers

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